Three on Thursday | 5.10.18

Three on Thursday | 5.10.18

tipping point noun : the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place Today's things are all about tipping points. Thing One: I have reached the tipping point of my sweater…you know it,...

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Travel Tuesday

Today we are heading home from Michigan. But, I will leave you with this incredible photo of Lake Michigan. I wonder who the lucky bride and groom were! Keep your fingers crossed for moderate traffic and smooth travels! See you back here tomorrow!

Melancholy Monday

This is our last Monday here in Michigan! Boo hoo! Our last day with this amazing view from our front porch. Those blue skies! The weekend was filled with such fun though and I will just leave you all with this montage of photos! I hope you all have a very happy...

Vacation Friday’s

So, the only knitting I have even done is to work briefly on this long-in-progress hat. It has been cold enough, I am wishing it was long-completed! Tomorrow, a day of outdoor beer drinking festivities! But, I do have some links this week! First up, Itty Bitty Kitty...

Three on Thursday, October 5

This week's things are all about Michigan! Thing 1: So much good beer. I feel like I am in the Microbrewery Capital of the World. (Okay, maybe not, but #5 is not a bad spot to vacation in!) We are making the rounds and will catch up with all we missed on Saturday at...

Unraveled Wednesday, October 4

As you can see not much knitting has been happening on vacation. However, there has been amazing scenery, awesome meals, and LOTS of family time happening. Which makes me miss knitting not at all! On the reading front, I am still reading 4 3 2 1, but I only have about...

September Stitching

I am not sure I am liking the grey linen for this quarter. It is a little darker than I thought it would be, but I am forging ahead with it. However, in September, I learned some new-to-me techniques of applique. Wool felt is truly a thing of beauty. I had no idea at...

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