Long Weekending

Long Weekending

That's right, the weekend carries on one more day. Thus far it has been a very good weekend with lots of replenishment time! And, with no plumbing or equally un-fun tasks! There was Olympic watching and yes, knitting - lots of knitting! I have to say, I just LOVE how...

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Fiber Friday, January 17

Stopover is in a bit of a time out. I almost always have lots of extra yarn left over when I finish a project. So, this time I ordered accordingly so that I would NOT have left over yarn and now I am in fear that I will not have enough to finish. So, I put it aside...

3 on Thursday, Jan. 18

This week I am doing my take on Bonny's post from last week and that eternally dreaded question: "What's for dinner" … That question is the equivalent to nails on the chalkboard for me. But, sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration! Inspiration One: I pulled...

Unraveled Wednesday, Jan. 17

Greetings Unravelers! It has been quite the week here with the continuation of cold and snowy weather. I might almost think I am back in Michigan! Fortunately, all this cold makes it easy to knit sweaters! And, knit I have! I am moving along nicely with my Stopover....

Right Now, mid-January

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver This quote is the January inspiration from The Balanced Life and it is speaking volumes to me each day. I have included it in my morning mediation and it has been a wonderful help in...

Monday’s on the Arctic Tundra

Or Hello from Pittsburgh in January! In less than 24 hours we went from temps in the 70's. Seriously, it was 72 here on Friday and we got over two inches of rain which then changed over to snow with temps in the teens on Saturday. My back yard is now a snow-covered...

Fiber Friday, January 12

Despite temps that reached the 70's with the sun out yesterday, Treysta got her debut yesterday and, oh my, I just LOVE her! Hindsight in knitting, I should have gone down once size I think, but it fits and is incredibly comfortable! Treysta is a well-written pattern...

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