Unraveled Wednesday | 3.18.20

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.18.20

Greetings Unravelers!

A couple of things are filling my mind today: how can it be Wednesday already in a week that feels like it should be Friday and How are you?

No, really… How are you?

I have a project that is darned near impossible to put down that is filling my day…as well as my lap now! I am entirely smitten with Night Shift – I am following the “recipe” and am changing the background yarn and the “dot yarn” in different sequences – and I am happy with how that is working out! The pattern says I have 4 more repeats to do, but I think I might need to do a couple extra repeats to get a “wear-able size.”

Despite the turmoil of life right now, I am falling asleep soundly moments after getting in bed, and I have finished no books this week!

However, I want to take a minute to talk about a bit of “stash enhancement” of a different sort this week! Necessary Stash Enhancement!! All over the Knitiverse events are being cancelled – events that equate to income for many in our fiber community. Pattern designers, teachers, Yarn dyers, etc. are all feeling the pinch of this downturn in our economy (and by our economy – I mean the economy of our Knitting Community) It’s time for all of us to buy something – a couple of patterns, a skein of yarn, perhaps even an online class!

I read this blog post by Jennifer of Burke House Crafts earlier this week and she has put her patterns on sale for free until the 29th. (you could elect to pay for the pattern rather than taking it for free!)

Then I saw these Tweets from Shannon Okey:

I also found some GREAT ideas on Amy Singer’s twitter feed…and a new Knitty dropped last week! Amy has conveniently gathered cancelled/postponed events with vendor lists here!

And, I never, ever knew that Twitch.tv has a Makers & Crafting category!

Finally, Patty Lyon’s How to Support Our Fiber Community has some excellent ideas!

One thing I am fairly certain of is that you are not going to see the news talking about our community…so we need to be focused on it!

That’s all I have for today, as always – if you wrote a post to share, please add your link below and thank you!

Sometimes Monday | 3.16.20

Sometimes Monday | 3.16.20

Is time to get real.

It was a quiet St. Paddy’s Day weekend at my house but sadly, the same could not be said about my town!

Because that was necessary? Stop and think people… really, if you can stay home, stay home!

This article from USAToday was timely….#StayHome should be trending everywhere!

And, late yesterday the CDC finally got their head out of you know where…

This EXCELLENT WaPo article shows us clearly why strict social distancing is important! FYI, our trajectory has now surpassed the course Italy was on…just saying!

Stay well, stay socially distant, and for heaven’s sake, please stay home!

P.S. One thing you should absolutely do today is search “Italian’s singing on balconies” on YouTube. You will find gems like this.It’s a lovely rabbit hole to spend some time in! (Hint…Be like Italy…STAY HOME!)

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels


Fiber Friday…the quarantine edition

Fiber Friday…the quarantine edition

The fact that today is Friday the thirteenth is not lost on me as COVID-19 spreads its way around our neighborhoods. This is the first time I can remember that there will be no March Madness…sigh. But, I get it and I am happy that the students were more important that the revenue. The list of other spectator things that have been put on hiatus as well…NBA, NHL, MLB, Broadway shows…heck, even The View is audiance-less!

So if you, like me, are home bound for the next number of days, what’s a body to do?

Ponder no more! Do I have the things for you!

Start off with some MDK March Mayhem! Why, there is even a print out! So if you, like me, will be missing those NCAA brackets… miss.no.more! 64 patterns should be good for a merry afternoon of pondering! Get going (and this year there are SOCKS!!) Why you might even find an item or two that seems like the perfect Quarantine Knit…so.just.cast.on!

Do you have a Netflix/Amazon Prime show that you have been aching for some time to just sit down and binge? Need some suggestions? I have them!

From Netflix: The Bodyguard has just one season, but it is riveting! The Chef’s Table has more than one season and it is just brilliant! Then there’s Criminal… UK, France, and Spain. Start with UK, because David Tennant…

Amazon Prime has oodles of binge-worthy things!

I would start with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel because the costuming is DIVINE, and who doesn’t needs some laughs right now! If you missed Modern Love now is the perfect time to catch up… it is brilliantly done, and the ending is genius! And, for a second helping of David Tennant Good Omens is so much fun! And, don’t forget Harry Bosch and there are numerous seasons to keep you occupied!

Perhaps you can look at this time as A Little Respite and Michelle has some excellent suggestions to settle yourself.

Beatrice Perron Dahlen’s Heron Island has just been released to the public and it is on sale until Sunday! (no code necessary, discount taken when you purchase it!)

If you are in need of something Lopi…Álafoss has yarn on deep sale with cheap shipping rates right now!

Finally, lots of Knitwear designers are stepping up to help ease our quarantine blues but I especially loved Hinterm Stein’s Knit In Company idea (really, sign up for her newsletter!) She is a prolific designer with tons of things to stay home and knit!

That is all the enabling I have for today! Stay well and wash your hands! See you back here on Monday!

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.11.20

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.11.20

Greetings Dear Unravelers!

Sockitis has struck with a vengeance in my house! I raced through Miss Lime and will have happy, dancing, green feet on St. Paddy’s Day! I especially love the angled lace on each foot! These socks will be perfect with my Birks!

I then immediately cast on more socks! A tried and true and well fitting pattern: Sarah Jordan’s I’ve Got Sunshine socks! I am using a skein I have been hoarding in my stash… HHF Sock in Fool’s Gold. My “Walking on Sunshine” socks are moving right along as you can see!

I have also made some headway on my son’s socks… I have a new deadline now, so the knitting will ramp up a bit. We **hope** to leave for Michigan soon, that is as long as the country is not on lock down… I am not a worrier, but boy… this all has me very worried.

But at least the reading this week was so good!

The Long Call (The Two Rivers Series #1)The Long Call by Ann Cleeves
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A new series is always a tentative read for me, but Ann.Cleeves. people! In this book we meet Matthew Venn – and we get a glimpse into his life and work in North Devon. Matthew is not your average detective…by a long shot! I can’t wait for this series to expand and grow!

Wideawake Field: PoemsWideawake Field: Poems by Eliza Griswold
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am not sure how I managed to select this poetry book, but it flowed so perfectly following my reading of Apeirogon! This work of poems was written by a journalist and it is a fascinating (but at times harsh) look at life in war zones… in refugee camps…in places of danger.

Some of the poems that spoke to me: Epithalamion, Pure, Leisurama, Occupation, and Beyond the solace of a Devastated Landscape.

By itself, I am not sure how I would feel about these poems… but coupled with the reading of Apeirogon, they are timely and so perfect.

ApeirogonApeirogon by Colum McCann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you divide death by life, you will find a circle.

The story of Bassam Aramin and Rami Elhanan, and the deaths of their daughters: Abir Aramin and Smadar Elhanan. This book was a challenge to read, the writing style was like nothing I have ever read before and I struggled through much of it. It was hard to keep track of story lines – and there are many within this story. Yet, despite my struggles, this is a book that I won’t soon forget. It has had a powerful impact on me.

Apeirogon: a shape with a countably infinite number of sides.

Exactly what this book is!

Smadar was born in Hadassah hospital. Where Abir died. One story becoming another.

The story of Bassam and Rami moved me deeply. Their friendship is incredible, and inspiring, and hopeful, and their example should be the goal of every human on earth. I highly recommend this book, but be ready for a challenging read!

That is all I have for this week! What about you? What moved you this week?

As always, if you wrote a post to share, please leave your link below and thank you!

Sometimes Monday | 3.9.20

Sometimes Monday | 3.9.20

She wasn’t looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword. — Atticus

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and, imo, it should be International Women’s WEEK…but I especially liked the Google Doodle for yesterday!

And, speaking of amazing women…Clara Parkes has started a new thing…The Daily Respite and I think you absolutely need it in your life. The inaugural post dropped this morning and it was awesome!

This was part of that message… who’s singing with me?

Happy Monday everyone!


Spring Forward Weekend!

Spring Forward Weekend!

Yes, this weekend will be one hour shorter when we turn our clocks ahead in the wee hours of Sunday morning. (or are you an entirely digital household and need to change no clocks manually?) My house is a mixture of digital and manual, so I will have a few things to change Saturday night before bed. However, there is no quick fix for changing the clock in Sherman… he operates on one time and one time only: the ‘is it time to eat yet’ time!

This week was really lovely – bouts of sunshine, punctuated with temps in the 50’s… and boy, do I suddenly have spring fever…bad!

My library surprised me on Tuesday night and personally informed me that my copy of Louise Erdrich’s new novel, The Night Watchman was ready for me to check out! And, then Wednesday Louise was on Fresh Air… the interview is wonderful and I am eager to start her new book!

I struggle with exercise and I beat myself up all the time because of those struggles, but then I listened to this Life Kit episode and I am not going to beat myself up any longer… it was wonderful (and so freeing!!) to hear that ALL MOVEMENT COUNTS!

I spent some time yesterday sorting through my stash of hand spun yarn to put some choices together to knit along with Vicki and friends as we all make Nightshift shawls! I think I have a pretty good start on where I want to go! But!! I curbed my enthusiasm to cast on because of those so.close.to.the.finish Miss Lime socks and this morning I only have the toe to go! (Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren are fantastic knitting companions, just saying!) The absolute insanity of this all is that I knit these socks in eight days! Vera…I think you have created a monster!

And these “think spring” things caught my eye this week:

Finally, the winner of Ravelry this week (for me at least) is the Stockholm Slipover Mini (English translation is on its way…) but really, this picture was the thing that said knit me now:

 © PetiteKnit

Everyone with me now…AWWWWWWWW!

That’s all I have for this week…have a good weekend all!

**Photo by Maria Tyutina from Pexels


Three on Thursday, Nightshift Edition

Three on Thursday, Nightshift Edition

Greetings, gentle readers!

I am joining with Carole and Friends with a quick and feverish update on the rage that is taking over Blogdom thanks to our Fearless Leader: Vicki!

Thing One:

Every time I think of Nightshift this pops into my head…

Sorry, not sorry for that earworm gentle readers!

Thing Two:

There is a Nightshift KAL Group! Whew… I needed that! (also, Vicki did some AWESOME images for you to use, you can find them here!)

Thing Three:

My yarn choices….

::drum roll please::

Ta-da! Six skeins of hand spun yarn (yes, six – two are on the “light side”) and I think they all work beautifully together…yes?

I was going to ply two of the skeins a bit more, but you know what? I think they will be fine just the way they are!

Casting on in 3…2..1…


Unraveled Wednesday | 3.4.20

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.4.20

February Making was surprising… I finished 2 pairs of socks (First pair here)! What? I know, I shocked myself as well! February was the month of Sarah Jordan Sock Knitting and I have happy feet as a result! I also spy a few more socks on her page that I think need in my sock drawer!

I also have a very good start on my March socks for St. Paddy’s day!

I also finished my final flannel Esme Tunic and it has been getting lots of wear! I have plans to do some more sewing this month as well!

But, let’s talk a bit about I’ve Got Sunshine Socks! I thought the cabling on the leg would be fussy to do with small yarn and small needles, but it was just the opposite – it felt like it made the sock knitting go faster (think self striping yarn fast!!) I did two repeats of the pattern on each leg before I started the heel. And, this sock also has a different heel technique and it makes for a very nice fitting heel. I think I might just need a second pair of these socks in a bright sunny yellow! (Especially since I have the cabling pattern memorized!)

February was a very good month for reading! I read 12 books, but the incredible part was that of those books I deemed 4 of them to be 5-star, must reads!

Dream WorkDream Work by Mary Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I love Orion, his fiery body, his ten stars, his flaring points of reference, his shining dogs.”

I stood in my backyard tonight looking at Orion and these words sang in my head. I read this book through twice. It has so much depth in such simplicity. I had originally given this book 4-stars, but I just could not stop thinking about these poems and they deserve a 5-star rating. I highly recommend this book!

The Japanese LoverThe Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been on a bit of an Allende kick recently, and while I did not think this book was quite as good as A Long Petal, it is a beautiful story with incredible characters. This book had surprises, sorrows, and so much love…I highly recommend this book.


What about you? What was your favorite make or read last month?

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below and thank you!

Looking Back | February 2020

Looking Back | February 2020

In looking back at February, I am grateful it is not a longer month! However, I am appreciative of the lengthening days! In twenty-nine short days, we gained over an hour of daylight!

And, there was so much more sunshine this month than in January, but we also had a good bit of precipitation – both rain and snow.

I continued to track the temperature in my area which continues to shock me…we had 1 day in the 60’s, 7 days in the 50’s, 14 days in the 40’s, 8 days in the 30’s, and just 2 days in the 20’s. I wonder if all those knitting Tempestry Projects are feeling as I do (and if they have run out of warmer colors yet!)

The Best Part of the Month:

Flowers…inside and out! And, my wee little snow drops weathered February and are still hanging in there as March begins!

Something New:

There was a new thing this month… on the spur of the moment we decided to head to New Cumberland, WV to visit Mountaineer Casino. And, it was a productive trip in that left the casino with more than we came with! (And, we also visited the Fiesta Outlet and left some of our winnings there…as you can see on the 25th)

Best “Oh, Wow” Moments:

I had worried after losing our Knitting Leader in January that our little knitting group would fall apart. I have stepped in to the “leader” role (if you can call it leader – I actually just send out the text message reminding everyone that it’s Knit Night Day and ask who is joining me!) However, I have grown our little group by one and I am working on recruiting some more to join us. I have also become the “fixer of dropped stitches” and the “finder of free patterns.” And honestly? Any time I spend in my local library makes me so happy. It is a place I truly love.

What I did Well and What I can do Better:

In February I made a concerted effort to “love myself.” And, I did so with my “public ready” (read with makeup!) face as well as my “private” (read no makeup!) face. To start the month, it was not easy at all, but it did get easier as the month moved along. I can stand here today and tell you than I am worth the effort it took!

However, the days of moping are over and so are the days of not moving my body. Yes… I did not walk or do any Pilates for the entire month. So, while I worked on loving myself, I did not engage my physical self at all. In hindsight, moving my body might have helped me love my emotional self more easily.

And there you have my February, over in the blink of an eye! What was your best February Moment?



Loving February | 2.28.20

Loving February | 2.28.20

There is always in February some one day, at least, when one smells the yet distant, but surely coming, summer. — Gertrude Jekyll

That day came this week in western Pennsylvania, because on Tuesday I surely smelled a hint of summer. And as I came home from Ash Wednesday services, I saw that glorious faint green glow of the start of leaves in some protected areas! Those hints will help me get through the return of winter weather and I hope that this cold spell does not settle in for long. It is hard going back to wintry days after having a taste of spring!

It’s Lent and Steve had seriously asked me make a spread sheet for the area Friday Fish Fry locations…really, a spread sheet… Thank goodness that I found about a million sites for the Fish-Fry-Extravaganza (and even maps!!) that began on Wednesday here in the ‘Burgh! It seems Friday Cocktail Hour will be overtaken by 40-days-of-fried-fish ::sigh::

I stumbled across a moving piece in The New Yorker Magazine yesterday and I was reminded of something Bonny said yesterday: “Sometimes we just have to search a bit harder and pay special attention to the delight.” Look no further, this piece is full of delight and, yes, bread pudding.

And, speaking of delight…this tweet caught my attention this week:

I have been having the “great inner debate” over Romi’s Mystery Shawl: Should I? One color versus two? What color? But in the midst of the great debate, Larissa Brown’s Lunar Fade MKAL appeared on the horizon. Stash busting, anyone? I can tell you that I simply love my Lunar Phase wrap (and I even bought some denim material to make a Uniform Dress to wear with it… ok, maybe not just that wrap…but yeah. I really love it!!)

Anyways, I am thinking I will wait to see how Romi’s Mystery unfolds and then answer my questions and in the mean time I might have given my stash a good toss and found some yarns that just might work for a Lunar Fade!

Finally, Vera is always inspiring and yesterday was no exception! (And just in time because my socks are finished…in 12 days!! What???) So I have an empty set of sock needles…St. Paddy’s Day Socks anyone? I bet Vera never imagined that she’d be the reason for a little sock knit along! But, the pattern she picked is so cute… AND SPRINGY…and FREE!! So, grab some green yarn and join me knitting some Miss Lime Socks with her! And these are moving right along, when I set my knitting aside last night I was finished with 3 pattern repeats!

Grinch-y Green is not quite an Irish color, but I like this start!

That’s all that I have today! Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!

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