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Virtual Advent Tour: Reading Memories

I would first of all like to thank Sprite for including me again this year! It is so much fun reading all the posts! It is a highlight of the season for me! Today I want to spend a little time going back in time and reminiscing about the best books I read with my kids...

Finding Success in Failure

On Friday, I shared an idea I had for this year's stitching and over the weekend I swatched a bit with less than stellar results. So, I spun a bit more to see if I could improve the "thready-ness" of the yarn. I stitched with more tightly plied yarn. I stitched with...

Fiber Friday, December 8

The knitting marches on, albeit slowly. However, today I am going to share a bit of a preview about my 2018 Stitching Project, which will begin on December 21 and I am taking a bit of license from Vivaldi and borrowing his Four Seasons. There will be four much larger...

Three on Thursday, December 7

This week it is all about powerful things: Thing 1: Wind My cousin posted this on FB and I have watched it a number of times. Thing 2: Voices Thing 3: Fire I don't know if you all saw this, but holy cow – scary! To my friends that live in Southern CA, please be safe!...

Unraveled Wednesday, December 6

This week there was a bit of unraveling and a careful bit of unknitting. Sigh. The unraveling bit involved my Peace Train knitting. Right pattern but wrong yarn? Or perhaps, it was the wrong pattern for the right yarn. Thus, my Peace Train Knitting has a definite...

November Stitching

Bare-armed sentinels Rain and winds that blow and swirl Even the first snow  

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