Friday Finds | 9.25.20

Friday Finds | 9.25.20

I do not pretend to understand the moral universe, the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. But from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice. — Theodore Parker, Sermon on Justice and the Conscience

In a week where any understanding of the “moral universe” is incomprehensible and I am absolutely not seeing it bend at all towards justice for BIPOC in any way at all, (although if your bullets randomly enter the homes of white people, police get indicted) it is hard not to feel beaten down and defeated. I cannot even begin to imagine how the Black community must feel, and yet they continue to make their voices heard. They are inspiring and so I will add my voice to theirs, hoping that with more voices joining that change will eventually happen.

This week though I did find some amazing things!

First up are some excellent finds from my new favorite newsletter: Biracial Bookworms Bethany M. Edwards shares the best books each week in her newsletter and this week was no exception!

Worthy books for any budding readers library!

Finally, I found these videos at Black Lives Matter: Six Poems

(And there are so.many.gems at Button Poetry…you should subscribe!)

That is all I have for this week, but I will be back on Tuesday joining with Honoré to share my word update! Have a good weekend all!

TGIF | 6.5.20

TGIF | 6.5.20

Greetings from Phase Green Allegheny County! 

Curiously, this phase change will not change much in my life. We are still being cautious in our outings, not planning any  travel. I am not racing out to get my hair and nails done, nor are we stampeding a restaurant for in-person dining.

Steve returning almost full-time to work, with an almost full office is enough to worry about without adding in anything else.

This week though, amirite? And the stupid just keep flowing…I am not sure who I think is dumber Rand Paul or Lisa Murkowski!

Thinking About —

Breonna Taylor… lots. Today, she would have been 27. I have a son who just turned 27 and thinking about her makes me very sad, very angry, and trying to imagine how devastated her family must feel. I hope you will think about Breonna today, that you will say her name, and do one thing to work towards justice for those who have none.

Good Reads —

Yesterday, I posted on Instagram a small list of books to read that will help us all become better allies. But I was struck by the newsletters I got that instead of trying to sell me something, paused their business to shine a spotlight on Black Lives Matter. There were some that have said nothing, and this morning I unsubscribed to a bunch of them. But to those that spoke out, you can be assured that I will move you to the top of my “online retail” list! (on the move up list: Wool and Honey, and Churchmouse Yarns, and Workroom Social, to name a few)

Standing IN the gap —

Yesterday, GGMadeIt taught us about the gap and standing in it!  Watch her, thank her, join her… and then STAND in the gap for those around you.

Finally —

I am going to close with the moving eulogy that Reverend Al Sharpton delivered yesterday for George Floyd. This section was especially profound for me and it so terribly true: “…George Floyd’s story has been the story of black folks because ever since 401 years ago, the reason we could never be who we wanted and dreamed to being is you kept your knee on our neck. We were smarter then the underfunded schools you put us in, but you had your knee on our neck. We could run corporations and not hustle in the street, but you had your knee on our neck. We had creative skills, we could do whatever anybody else could do, but we couldn’t get your knee off our neck. What happened to Floyd happens every day in this country, in education, in health services, and in every area of American life, it’s time for us to stand up in George’s name and say get your knee off our necks.”

I would encourage you to take the time and watch Rev Al, it will be the best 31 minutes of your day!


Friday Thoughts | 5.29.20

Friday Thoughts | 5.29.20




Shot.  — from Running For Your Life, a community poem

I heard this poem Wednesday on NPR. It made me cry and it made me unbelievably angry that I am cloaked in my White Privilege, in my nice home, not living in fear of law enforcement (aka those who believe it is “open season on black people” with absolutely no fear of repercussions for their actions.) If you have not listened to it, you should…

And as if Ahmaud Arbery was not enough.

Then came “Central Park Karen” and her actions against birdwatcher, Christian Cooper. . 

And then George Floyd. And please don’t give me “but the aftermath is so wrong” because I don’t know how what is happening in Minneapolis has not happened all over America on a daily basis.

Because today I learned about Breonna Taylor.

And I am really so over this. And not because I don’t want to hear about these murders – I am so over this because when will justice finally happen? When will racism die the death it needs to. How long will Jim Crow America still be Jim Crow America.

Even President Obama weighed in, “This shouldn’t be “normal” in 2020 America. It can’t be “normal.” If we want our children to grow up in a nation that lives up to its highest ideals, we can and must be better.” Yes we can and we must.

Sadly, there is not enough poetry in the world to fix this. But Keedron Bryant’s song and the community poem, Running for Your Life are providing me with words that are helping me to better understand.

And for that I am grateful.


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