Friday Bird Watching

The past week we have watched a little (but feisty) brown wren decide he liked the cardinal house Steve’s mom gave me for Christmas was JUST what he needed for a nest. Some poor bird had previously begun building a nest in it but abandoned the idea. Well, enter this little wren – he spent last Friday and Saturday tossing out all the “old” nesting material and then began the “building” process. He has filled this nest and now he is singing and chattering to all the ladies that he has the perfect nest for her! I was even nice to brush Sherman this morning and leave her some choice Pug Down to line the nest! (In case you don’t know, Pug’s are the best pets ever except they shed VOLUMES year around, but Spring and Fall they are especially sheddy!) I feel like all I need is for David Attenborough narration.

On the knitting front, I have made little to no progress on anything. But, that is okay, because my reading that was derailed by the great mulch move, got back on track. Last night I finished The Likeness, watch for the review next week! Today, I hope to start Americanah.

Now, how about some links?

Knitty First Fall is up… and while I have not been impressed with much of late in Knitty, this time a couple of things did catch my eye. First up Romi has this and I love them! And, then Martina Behm has this interesting cowl.

Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 11 is out. There are so many gorgeous patterns there!

Mary shared this with me last week and I love it! It’s the perfect summer sweater!

This Old Shale cardi for big girls is adorable!

But, for me, this was the winner of the week. Stillwater is gorgeous and I have it on my list to swatch for this weekend. FYI, there is a coupon code that is good through Saturday!

Fellow Pittsburgh Knitter PAKnitWit (aka Sarah) has released her pattern for her Keremeia Cowl and she is having a little colorwork knit along in her Ravelry Group. Hint: I am participating and would love it if you did too!

That is all I have today except for this to close out Negroni Week! Enjoy your weekend, see you back here on Monday!

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