Who me?

Who me?

My creation, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

He looks oh so cute and innocent, but do not let looks deceive you.

Pillows all off the sofa?


Cat food out of the dish and all over the floor?


Plants un-earthed?

You guessed it, Evinrude.

He has perfected the Art of Looking Innocent even though I am not buying it at all!

Perhaps I should see if I could get a good “end of the season deal” on a squirt gun!

Start your engines….

Start your engines….

Evinrude, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

Too bad this picture cannot convey the volume of purring that is emanating from this little kitten.

Because, trust me… it is loud!

Meet the newest member of Casa del KatKnits…


As for Milli Vanilli… the jury is still out on whether or not she likes him, but there was an eye witness to some mutual playing earlier today between the two of them.

I am thinking that with a purr this loud he is sure to win her over, and soon.

Meet Milli Vanilli

Meet Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanilli, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

The cat has a name!

While she truly loved all your suggestions, she answered to Milli and before the day was out Milli Vanilli stuck.

The naming process was obviously tiring… I caught her at nap time again!



Hello Everyone!  It has been a relaxing weekend – for me and for the wee beasties that abide here!  I got the cats a “scratching board” complete with catnip. 

While Noel was totally aloof to the new item – Maddie was purely hedonistic – or is that catonistic!  She promptly layed down on top of the scratcher and began to purr so loudly, I wish I could have recorded her.  My son laughed hysterically at our “stoned cat”.  Proof is in the picture –

—Yes, my eyes are rolled back in my head – what’s that flash?????

We laughed for a good long time at her antics.  Crazy cat!

As for me – Alice and I spent some quality time together this afternoon!  I have been plying up some singles.  And, I will be filling those bobbins right back up – I am heading over to Lansing tomorrow to celebrate Distaff’s Day with the spinners over there. 

The weather has warmed up – we were a balmy 42 degrees out today!  And, it is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.  All that wintry whiteness is melting away.  We have thunderstorms in the forecast for Monday.  Yes, you read that right – thunderstorms!

Have a great evening everyone! 

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