Risk Factor

Risk Factor


I read the best blog post today and it really made me stop and think.

  • What makes a person a risk taker?
  • Why are they different?
  • How do you become one?

I would not ever classify myself as a risk taker. I have no desire to engage in dangerous activities. I guarantee you will never find me jumping out of airplanes, swimming across the deepest oceans, or climbing Mt. Everest.

But, I really like challenges, change, and being different.

I am not afraid to fail either.

And that, to me, seems to set the risk taker apart from everyone else – they are different, perhaps, because they are not afraid to fail.

This post struck such a chord with me because this week I began a new job – one that I am extremely excited about. A job that is completely different from anything I have ever done before, but one filled with things I love to do the most. I am sure I will share much more about where this job goes and how it grows, but for now I am adrift in the Sea of Unknown and I could not be more excited.

With Service to Others

With Service to Others

Carole gives is a challenging task for this week’s 10 on Tuesday:

10 Things You Can Do To Serve Others

I spent some time yesterday pondering this and wanted to address this not from the things I am currently doing, but rather from the idea that there are things I could/should be doing that I am not.

So, with self-improvement in mind, I present my list of 10 things I should be doing to serve others:

A kinder, gentler attitude that is

less critical,

and less frustrated.

One that is not participating in gossipy conversation and

not playing the “one up” game – no one likes a laundry list of all the things you did.

Being more of a “Doer” and less of a “Sayer” and

actively listening to those around me and

to not take everything that is said so personally.

Realizing and accepting that my way is not the only way and

not expecting anything in return, ever.

This is a tough list and one that won’t be perfected overnight, but I am hoping that in this year of focusing on gratitude that I will find these things have become an integral part of me as the year draws to a close.

What Would MLK Do

Today as a nation we remember MLK, and while for many it will just be a long weekend. I think we need to stop and remember what he wanted for this nation and it was not the divisiveness that somehow permeates our politics and our cities.

If we all tried to be a little more like MLK we would realize that we can make a difference.


More or Less

More or Less

Welcome to the first Tuesday of 2016!

New Year, New 10 on Tuesday!

Carole has given us the lovely task this week to share the following:

List 5 things you want to do less in the new year and 5 things you want to do more

less is more


Annus Mirabilis

Annus Mirabilis

Welcome to 2016, Gentle Reader, one I hope will be truly a remarkable year!

But, New Year – new you? I hope not so much, I spent much of last year trying to improve me. I wanted to learn more and do more.

And, I think I did fairly well.

2015 saw me become a student of yoga, which has become an almost daily ritual for me. I am happy about this but I need to do more. Every year I fool myself about losing weight, well the days of fooling myself are over. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. What this equates to is more action needs to happen in my life, as in MOVE IT! Which is a struggle when all your favorite activities are sedentary ones.

However, knitting and walking is apparently thing… Stay tuned for more on this become a thing in my life as 2016 unfolds.

I loved the stitching process in making my daughters “family tree” so you can expect more stitching projects in 2016. I am a long way from the beauty that Bonnie Sennott stitches, but I won’t let that stop me. This book might be the perfect addition to my library.

But, what I really want to focus on this year is gratitude. I will be working through 365Grateful this year. You will see things about this all year-long here on the blog, but if you want to see my daily gratitude, follow me on Instagram!

And so, what I am especially grateful for today: coffee, in a very special mug.

Happy New Year!

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