It's not always about being popular.

It does not seem possible that an entire year has already passed since President Obama took the reins of an Out of Control America.

And, so you might ask… are we better today than we were just one short year ago.

The answer for me is yes… and no.

And even though Right Wing Pundits want to throw stones at the current administration for the problems that still exist today, hoping against hope that we will all believe that we have just recently arrived at this disaster! They appear ostrich-like in their view of the out of control and downward spiraling economy as Bush led the charge, not even attempting to halt it in its early and rapidly growing stages. Yes, according to them, the problems we have as a nation today are somehow all Mr. Obama’s fault. However, as President Obama so aptly pointed out last night, he did indeed inherit a colossal disaster from the previous administration.


Moody Monday

Moody Monday

Days that are shades of grey and feeling empty and alone.

It can sometimes be too quiet….

However, I keep telling myself that spring is coming.

We all need a little more yarn in our lives, or not…

It is a sad state of affairs that in the past year I have purchased little or no new yarn with which to knit.


No. New. Yarn.

I have been progressively knitting through my stash and as 2009 draws to a close, and I still have yarn to make choices from!

This fact has astounded even me…and has made me feel incredibly materialistic and not in a good way at all. I have enough sock yarn to knit socks for an army of feet and if I were to knit one pair in a week, I would be able to knit socks for the entire year of 2010. Yes – that means I have at least 52 skeins of sock yarn, or pretty darn close!


Not a thing to be proud of, to be sure!


What are you doing New Years…

It has been quite a year here at Casa del KatKnits. I have come through mostly unscathed and I am reluctant to complain – especially when I see friends who have had much greater trials who utter not a word of discontent. The lesson of their quiet fortitude is one that I need much practice on!

I am however looking forward to the start of a New Year, with great anticipation.

However, I feel that a bit of a recap is in order … sort of a what’s what in the of the Year of the Kat.

It all began with me moving into a new place to live. A nice change. No flooding in the lower level was a vast improvement. The more cost efficient payment was a bonus as well.

I made the transition from being a “day” person to working nights. Not an easy feat for a person who was up without an alarm clock at 5AM for years. This taught me that I can truly do anything, a good lesson to have learned. More on the job later in the post.

I managed to find some time during the year to work on improving my craft – I acquired a loom or two and have found that I love weaving. I also did some spinning that won some awards at the local fiber festival. And, as for knitting – I have discovered the joy of knitting with yarn that  I  have made. A true joy indeed and this has given me a renewed interest in spinning  There is just something wonderfully indulgent about putting socks on that you have spun and knit. It was a year of selfish knitting though, and my knitted wardrobe has increased nicely.


The Graduation Hangover

I survived, now where is my tee shirt?

A new chapter unfolds and now the work begins in earnest to get things ready for Heidi to head off to college in the fall. Therefore, I went to work in earnest to earn money to help pay for this new endeavor! Overtime, FTW!

It was a big week at Casa Del KatKnits, and last week was, in my not so humble opinion, an historical week for the world. A week which holds promise for finding common ground with those who differ greatly from us in some ways, and have more in common with us than we care to admit.

It started when my President said these words in Cairo, “And I’m also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: Assalaamu alaykum.” It profoundly struck me how very appropriate these words are. In fact, his entire speech was profound, un-political, and heartfelt.

Calm words echoed by his calm demeanor, coupled with his forthright tone resonated loudly across the world. How amazing to have our nation represented so eloquently to the watching world.

It saddened me to see someone post something on a social network in anger about President Obama’s speech and how “they had killed over 3000 Americans” and that he was a “traitor.” I however strongly disagree with those statements. I think we have spent far too much time being students of fear and hatred. Indeed, there has been too much justification of prejudicial attitudes that encourages the world to continue on the course it is traveling – a journey that for many will be the very last one they take. There has been enough bloodshed, with far too many lives lost.

After all, if we focus on those things that we have in common, how hard can it be to overcome or overlook those things we do not have in common. Moreover, I believe that is where Barak Obama began the journey last week, and he is calling to each of us with encouragement to look at what we share with the world around us rather than focus on what makes us different.

Change unfolding before us with someone encouraging us to step forward without fear or trepidation. It is almost as if we are all at our graduation and unknown possibilities lay before us.

Exciting times, don’t you agree?

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