Roses in winter…

Roses in winter…

DSCF2744, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

“Like a rose in winter, red on fallen snow; such a flow’r is blooming where no other would grow. When in the chill of wintertime, while all the world was sleeping, love came as a flower…”

After a long day of work, this amazing and glorious sunset greeted me as I traveled home.

I hurried home to get my camera and snap a couple of pictures.
It was worth standing outside in the bitter cold wind to bask in the rosy glow, even if it was only for a few brief moments.

While standing in the wintry silence, I could hear a song in my head – something I had sung in choir a very long time ago…

The words seemed most appropriate for this photo.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Christmas time is here…

Christmas time is here…

Christmas 2010, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

Happiness and cheer, fun for all that children call their favorite time of the year…

Things have been quiet around Casa del KatKnits recently because I have found gainful, and very rewarding, employment.

If you are still here, reading this post, I am thankful for you!

I spent the weekend trying to pull something Holiday-ish out to create a festive spirit.

And, I loaded my iPod with all my Christmas music.

It is doing the trick… I am getting in the holiday spirit.

I hope you are too!

On the Fair Isle

On the Fair Isle

Hello everyone – How was your weekend??  Mine was just wonderful!  On Saturday, Blogless Mary and I headed over to see Beth for her Anniversary Celebration. 

It was a nice day for a drive – the sun was out and the road were clear!!  And I had some Spinning Stash Enhancement to do! 

Did you all know that yarn stash and  spinning stash are 2 different things??? 

So, Beth had some great fibers on sale – I picked up some Shetland for a great price.  I have not yet spun with Shetland – and I love the natural color of this! 

Beth had a coupon for those who receive her email newsletter – so, I picked up some Llama roving too!

I wish you all could feel this – it is so soft and has great loft.  I have only spun a wee bit of Llama that was a gift from Shannah, who I met at the class I took last month at Beth’s.  I wanted to try my hand at the Llama again. 

I also got this pound of Merino – the color is just fantastic.  What is not to love about Merino!!

On Friday my package from Nordic Fiber Arts had arrived.  I have to tell you all, if you have not shopped at her online shop – you need to.  The service was outstanding!  I cast on for the December Lights Tam from IK Holiday issue on Sunday morning and this is just flying along.  Nordic Fiber Arts has kits available for this – you could get this done before Christmas.  I am telling you all – I will be buying more from them!!

Mary and I stopped at my all time favorite yarn shop after we left Beth’s – Threadbear!  They were having a HUGE sale!  I was very restrained, I just picked up a skein of sock yarn and the needles I needed to knit December Lights.  The prices at Threadbear cannot be beaten, and the stock of yarn is just amazing.  Mary and I are taking a class there next Saturday!!  So, we will be spending the entire day there!! 

We arrived back in Holland just as the storm was approaching.  Mary came over for some dinner and shortly the freezing rain started – we had a mini-slumber party and sat up knitting and talking until late!! 

Sunday afternoon Ann and her husband picked me up and we headed to Marie’s for her Holiday Open House.  Wow, the house was just gorgeous!  Marie has an amazing talent for decorating.  Great company, delicious food, and the amazing beauty of the decorations were just the icing on the cake of my wonderful weekend!  Marie has definately inspired me to kick up my Christmas decorating a notch!

Lest you all think the weekend was without flaws – there were some dissappointments as well.  And, while I try not to dwell on things negative – suffice it to say that I learned some things that were very upsetting this weekend.  When you discover that you have been taken advantage of in a very blatant way, it changes how you look at everything.  I can assure you that I won’t be quite so trusting in the future. 

But, as I shared with Mary this morning – we need to look for the blessings in our lives rather than wait for them to ‘jump up and hit us in the face’. 

So, I am heading off to bring Christmas cheer to my humble home – and I am so thankful for Marie’s amazing inspiration!! 

Have a great day everyone!

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