Friday Odds and Ends

Friday Odds and Ends

We are back to a “normal weekend” here, and Steve and I are both so happy for Cinco de Mayo! Steve will make a pitcher of margaritas for our happy hour! Now, whether or not they impede the plans we have for Saturday will be the trick!

We have baby robins! Mama even seemed to be proud to show me the nest with the new babies! (I think there is one? maybe two? in that pile of newborn bird-ness) I snapped a quick photo to share!

The latest Windows update has totally messed up all my Office programs. This is causing great havoc in my work life. GREAT HAVOC. So, please Microsoft, fix it ASAP!

Ravelry is 10 years old. Wait, what? Yeah, I know. How is that even possible? But, Happy 10th Anniversary, dear Ravelry. My life would not be nothing without you! (nor would my links!!)

Speaking of links! How about some good ones this week!

There you go, some odds and ends on a Cinco de Mayo Friday! See you back here on Monday!

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