Autumnal thoughts…

My writing mojo seems to have abruptly departed and we have gone from balmy days with the ceiling fans gently stirring a subtle breeze to having had to turn the heat on, and all before the end of September.

I cannot recall ever having to turn the heat on this early. This does not bode well at all, Gentle Reader…

Can you say “High Heat Bills”?

That thought does not thrill me so this weekend I am doing some major winterizing, or at least acquiring the necessary supplies with which to do so! My hope is that Fickle Summer will tease us again with warm days and balmy nights before Old Man Winter settles in for the duration!

I was surprised how many leaves are already turning, seemingly overnight. However, on my drive to work there is a smattering of brightly colored trees, the unwitting sentinels of the arrival of autumn. I will also take a bit of a drive this weekend to see if I cannot capture some of their majesty in picture.

I leave you with the genius of Chet Baker and Paul Desmond and their rendition of Autumn Leaves… enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

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