It's not always about being popular.

It does not seem possible that an entire year has already passed since President Obama took the reins of an Out of Control America.

And, so you might ask… are we better today than we were just one short year ago.

The answer for me is yes… and no.

And even though Right Wing Pundits want to throw stones at the current administration for the problems that still exist today, hoping against hope that we will all believe that we have just recently arrived at this disaster! They appear ostrich-like in their view of the out of control and downward spiraling economy as Bush led the charge, not even attempting to halt it in its early and rapidly growing stages. Yes, according to them, the problems we have as a nation today are somehow all Mr. Obama’s fault. However, as President Obama so aptly pointed out last night, he did indeed inherit a colossal disaster from the previous administration.


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