Fiber Friday

Fiber Friday

We have had several foggy mornings here this week, above was the view from yesterday. This morning it is clear and SUNNY and I am so happy it is Friday!!

I am linking up with Rachel today for her Fibre Friday! The sock knitting continues, as does the drop spindling. I work on one at night when I watch a bit of television and the other when Sherman goes outside.

I hope to have the sock finished by Monday, and I only have 4 more bits of fiber to finish spinning, and at the rate I am going, completion by the end of the month is very feasible, especially since the weatherman says that there is more rain in the forecast, although there is supposed to be some sun on Sunday!

My poor garden is so waterlogged and the grass is growing so rapidly that we Steve is mowing twice a week. I have some flowers to get planted and my poppies are filled with buds this year! We picked up a Tri-color Beech that we will get planted in a new bed that we Steve has dug up. I will move some things around into there to fill in the space. It is a slow process to get gardens in order!

PicMonkey CollageI do have some fun links for you this week:

It is never too soon to start the prep work if you are planning to Tour de Fleece!

Ysolda brings us Bruntsfield and it is just lovely!

Staying with the “Y” for just one more – Ysabel

Headlands is another divine Design by Romi

Oh Hei!

Like a mystery?

Bristol Ivy shows us how to miter a sweater in two offerings: Waits and Newsome

Short-row chic (oh and it’s free!)

Kate Davies has something new The Book of Haps!

Knitting One Sock in the MDK Sock-Along? How about 2 half socks?

Or maybe you are more adventurous – how about toe up with cables?

12 Days of Christmas Mitten Garland KAL is a thing, and FREE! (There are a mere 218 days until Christmas, in case you were wondering!) Or, if you’d really rather an Advent Calendar made from Mittens

This is not new, but really, I think that Vicki of Knitorious needs to make this for her darling grandson!

Lastly, I found a recipe for a yummy looking cocktail that I think would work with White Zinfandel as well!  Frosé

That is all I have for today, have a great Friday and an even better weekend – whatever your weather! See you back here on Monday!

P.S. Want to join the Summer Knit-Along? Everything you need to know is right here.

Fiber Friday

Fiber Friday

In a week that just FLEW by, we find ourselves at the start of the weekend.

This week there was lots of spinning! Some spindle spinning.

And lots of wheel spinning.

And, this really was just a couple of evenings worth of spinning. I had forgotten how quickly spinning can go if you just sit down and do it! Haha!

I am happy to report that I am 1/3 of the way to spinning for my sweater. I hope to have the spinning completed next week. This is a doable goal as we have a weekend of much colder temps and, yes, more rain, so outdoor work will be curtailed.

I have been reading some really good posts on Rachel’s blog and if you want to learn more about fiber, she shares some great information! Plus, Fiber Friday is such a great thing!

Now for some rabbit hole links for your knitting (and spinning) edification:

I don’t know about you, but Roland makes the top of my list this week. For more than one reason…

Melanie Berg brings is Mirkfallon, which would be so lovely in such a wide range of yarns! This one is my favorite…

There was a flurry of new patterns released by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, and I love this one especially! And there was even a linen skirt that is really so cute!

Lovely Lois Swales was back with Scottish spinning and plying!

Volume 10 of Wool People, especially this and this!

Beata has a fun scarfy thing with her fun sock yarn!

Åsa Tricosa and Wollmeise are the perfect pair!

Laura Aylor does color blocking so well!

I love when a designer gets gauge with semi-aggressive blocking!

Dust Devils that you can wear!

On the Brioche Knitting Bandwagon? This is just gorgeous!

Perhaps the best pattern notes I have ever read! Thanks Kym!

Finally, Arne & Carlos share some art journal magic! (The vintage Singer Sewing Machine is beautiful!)

That’s all I have for today! See you back here on Monday and have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Slowly spinning wool

Into yarn that yearns to be

The perfect sweater

Read more
Hello Friday!

Hello Friday!

This week went by at warp speed. It seems like it was just Monday and, blink, here it is Friday already.

Spring is still springing even with a couple of good frosts that we had here this week. I think it helped this bush stay in bloom – although the high winds of yesterday are making it “snow” petals now.

I am itching to get in the garden, but I will settle for taking a stroll through a couple of greenhouses instead. I saw these on Pinterest and we are now reconsidering potatoes again this year. They took up so much garden space last year – potato bags might be the perfect alternative! Have any of you tried them? Good? Bad? Please share!

I also have the urge to Bang Out A Sweater after seeing this on IG and Ravelry yesterday – I may have picked out colors… A lace-weight sweater might be perfect for summer. Who’s in with me??

I hope your Friday is awesome and it ushers in a weekend of perfection.

Houston, We Have Bind-Off!

Houston, We Have Bind-Off!

I can thank the Political Circus for their assistance in this successful bind-off by hosting not one, but two debates this week. Because, really – tedious knitting should be accompanied by tedious television. Fun fact – you knit faster when you are mad!

Up next, the short-rows portion of this lovely Anne Hanson shawl, which I have started and happily, it is practically mindless knitting – all 400+ stitches. The perfect knit for the antics of Francis and Claire.

Earlier this week the blog was struck by the Case of the Missing “i” (thanks Bonny!) Fortunately, Inspector Google helped solve this mystery and the plugin was debugged! The i was happily freed to continue their very important job!

The Hour for Happy will be extra spicy tonight as Steve is making his world-famous Buffalo Wings and I. Can’t. Wait. Add to that two very icy cold martini’s and you have the perfect welcome for the weekend.

I hope your weekend is wonderful, even if it is an hour shorter. That’s right, don’t forget to turn your clocks AHEAD Saturday night!

See you back here on Monday!

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