An Accidental Blogger

An Accidental Blogger

It has almost been 5 months since my last blog post. Five very long months that included me traveling back to Michigan to see my kids, some more knitting for a friend, some personal knitting for myself, some Christmas knitting, and a little tiny bit of Beginning Spinning teaching at my LYS.

Many things to fill the days and none of them having much to do with writing or blogging, which feels very much like failure when I look at my blog. I like to think that the process of blogging activates my brain and encourages me to write creatively. Sad that I so easily let this fall by the wayside.

The New Year came with no list of resolutions for me, at least nothing specific or defined – a purposeful decision on my part. No resolution, no failure – a simple, yet very motivating factor. Rather, my goals this year are simple – Be Healthy, Be Happy, Read More, and Learn More.


Let Us Eat Cake!

Let Us Eat Cake!

Last week there was a birthday in our house, so I got out the cake pans and scoured cookbooks and the internet for a recipe that looked interesting. The request was for a “yellow” cake – so I found this butter cake recipe and I followed it exactly. The results were good, but next time I would tweak the ingredients a bit – I like a moister cake. However, for frost-ability this cake scored very high marks!


A Triumvirate of New – New City, New Year, New Life

As 2013 wound down, I found myself ready for a new chapter in my life. I found work to be wholly unfulfilling and as I saw the company I worked for spiraling into disaster, I made a bold decision to say goodbye and control my destiny – rather than follow something I no longer believed in. My BFF had worked hard to find a house and he had success in October, so the decision seemed right to move to a new city and start a new chapter of life.

I gave my notice at work and began the process of sorting out my life – both materially and mentally. There was much sorting and shedding of things, and let me tell you how good that felt. I went through things I had not looked at in years and each day the piles grew – keep, donate, throw away. It was cathartic. I also shed the thought that I needed to be in West Michigan – a new adventure was in order. Each day, I felt better and better about my decision.

Having the stress of work removed from my life was so incredible. When you are in the midst of chaos, you do not notice how riotous it is – something that was unbelievably apparent in the days following my departure. I was sleeping better, eating better, and feeling better. Without a doubt, I had made the right decision about leaving. There was no looking back with regrets at all.

Now, gentle reader, I do not want you to think that there were not moments of panic – because there surely were. As with all change, even for a girl who embraces it whole-heartedly, there were moments of doubt.  Nevertheless, as November 18 drew closer – I was ready for the movers to arrive. My life, in the sum of several dozen boxes, was packed and ready for a new home.

One thing I was not prepared for was how challenging it would be to be cohabitating with someone after being “on my own” for such a long time. It was a month of pure hell for both of us, I am afraid. I can honestly say I behaved like a spoiled brat. It took some introspection on changing the only thing I could control – me. I needed an attitude adjustment times ten! They say with age comes wisdom – well, let me tell you that is not always true. I had not an ounce of wisdom and was not even acting my age! However, the New Year found us walking together on the same path – baby steps, to be sure, but walking nonetheless.

I am so incredibly fortunate to be in this time and space with a person who is allowing me the freedom to figure out what I want to do. I have found a yarn shop I quite enjoy. I am making some new friends and I am spending my days doing new and comforting things. One thing I know is that there will be lots of “more” here – more cooking, more baking, more knitting, more photography, and as the days of the New Year unfold, you will find me writing again, spinning again, and perhaps doing a bit of weaving now and then.

Come along with me as my year unfolds. It is sure to be an interesting and fun journey.

Kat and Steve's Big Adventure

Kat and Steve's Big Adventure

It was the best of times… Charles Dickens

It was a truly spectacular 9 days, but who was counting. There was good food, great conversation, some awesome beer, a little Idol, and photography – lots of great photography.

We went to Van Raalte Farm on a couple of different days – I live here and had never been there. It is really an amazing place; the paths are all clearly marked and imagine my wonder as I saw so much wildlife in the city limits – the first morning a fox barked at us! We also saw plenty of birds – even bluebirds and turkeys! I will indeed visit there again.

Here is a little montage of our week. Enjoy!

What are you doing New Years…

What are you doing New Years…

100_0107, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

It hardly seems possible that one year has passed, and what a year it has been.

A year that found itself filled with some wonderful highs that were unfortunately book-ended with some devastating lows.

Nevertheless, as I stand on the precipice of my second half a century – I find myself not wanting to look at what has passed, but rather at what lies ahead.

So as the year 2011 unfolds before me I see a blank slate and unlimited possibilities.

My glass is more than half-full.

Happy New Year, Gentle Reader.

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