My First Month at Summer Camp

My First Month at Summer Camp

June has been a busy month with little time for blogging or much else besides knitting.

Why you ask?

Loopy Camp had me glamping away this month!

For some time now, The Loopy Ewe has fostered a fun summer long knit along and last year was my first time to participate. I absolutely loved it and I have them to thank for the increase in my finished objects over the summer. I am participating again this year and our first month is over and I completed my project with a few days to spare. We had to select a project that reminded us of a favorite book, movie, or television show and it needed to use at least 600 yds of yarn.

It was so much fun looking through Ravelry for a pattern that fit the requirements; it was a bit easier since I really wanted to knit another knitspot pattern so I focused on Anne’s designs. When I saw her Boxleaf Triangle I knew I was on track – it would work nicely for my Game of Thrones theme. I easily found some yarn on the Loopy website and I was off and running.


In Which There is Knitting, Lots, and Lots of Knitting

In Which There is Knitting, Lots, and Lots of Knitting

I am great at starting projects, but not so great at finishing them. Recently I completed two projects; one a very fun mystery-knit-along which I started last year but moving got in the way of its completion. The other, I am sad to say, had been languishing on the needles for a good number of years.

First up is Germinate – a design by Kirsten Kapur the creative mind of Through the Loops.

I really enjoyed this pattern a tremendous amount. It is a very well written pattern and an incredibly striking design. It was the first pattern I have completed by TTL but it will not be my last!


Reading with Maurice…

Maurice Sendak died today. A light in my world extinguished.

In January it’s so nice

While slipping on the sliding ice

To sip hot chicken soup with rice

Sipping once, sipping twice

Sipping chicken soup with rice

Long ago, a little brown haired girl was learning to read, sitting in the cafeteria with a school aide. Dick and Jane running were no fun at all – but Chicken Soup with Rice captured her imagination.

Reading skills quickly advanced, and with it came bigger books the little brown haired girl was growing up.

Soon, the little brown haired girl was little no more. Maurice Sendak tucked away in some corner of her mind with other childhood memories.

Before long, the brown haired girl had children of her own. She introduced Maurice to her little ones, and they loved him as she did.

We “paddled” down the Chicken soup-y Nile and Whooped about Witches, Goblins, and Ghosts. We marveled in our baubled and bangled Christmas tree. Maurice in his gentle wisdom opened our minds to looking at things in unexpected ways.

He reminded us that even when we grow old it is important to nurture the child.

I told you once, I told you twice

All seasons of the year are nice

For eating chicken soup with rice.

Farewell Maurice. You left this world a better place. Thank you…

Kat and Steve's Big Adventure

Kat and Steve's Big Adventure

It was the best of times… Charles Dickens

It was a truly spectacular 9 days, but who was counting. There was good food, great conversation, some awesome beer, a little Idol, and photography – lots of great photography.

We went to Van Raalte Farm on a couple of different days – I live here and had never been there. It is really an amazing place; the paths are all clearly marked and imagine my wonder as I saw so much wildlife in the city limits – the first morning a fox barked at us! We also saw plenty of birds – even bluebirds and turkeys! I will indeed visit there again.

Here is a little montage of our week. Enjoy!

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