Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Dr. Seuss

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Homesick Blues

Homesick Blues

Hello, Gentle Readers! It’s Tuesday, and Carole is back and wants to know:

10 Things You Miss About Your Home When You’re Away

Hmmm, this might be a bit of a challenge, but let’s see how far I can get…

  1. My bed… of course this is number one, because well – it is perfect for sleeping. And, really – another bed is just never quite right, know what I mean?
  2. My routine…yes, I am a creature of habit – while I love change, I like somethings to be the same.
  3. A closet and dresser – living out of a suitcase can be a challenge
  4. My spinning wheel – although, for an upcoming trip I am planning on bringing a drop spindle or two…
  5. My own bathroom. Enough said.
  6. My water – really, your body gets used to the water where you are, different water feels different, smells different, and yes – tastes different.
  7. I would say the library, however, thanks to Overdrive and a Kindle this is no longer the issue it could be.
  8. My stash… yes, really!! It is challenging to pack knitting projects!!
  9. My kitchen. I like to cook, and I eat much better (healthier?) if I prepare the meal.
  10. Sherman… our preference is to take him with us, but sometimes that is just not possible. When it’s not – I miss him horribly.

There you have it – what I miss most when I am away from home! How about you? What do you miss most?

The K’s Have It!

The K’s Have It!

Hello 10 on Tuesday Readers! Carole has a uniquely challenging task for us this week. She wants to know:

Write a list of 10 words that describe you. The catch is that all the words should begin with the same letter as your first name!

Oh, boy…


Really? Words with a “k”???

Okay, with a little help from, here goes nothing:

  1. Klutzy. Because, I am. Really!! Very Klutzy! **insert bruise photos here**
  2. Kind. Even when I don’t want to be.
  3. Knowledge seeker (or klife-klong klearner)
  4. Knitter. This is obvious…
  5. Kindle Reader. (Because it makes the task so much easier, especially at night!)
  6. Kneader of Bread. However, not so much lately
  7. An unKempt housekeeper. There you have it people, it is not my favorite thing to do. Ever.
  8. Kvelling, especially about my kiddos!
  9. Koffie drinker (Dutch spelling works, right?)
  10. Kitchen cooker. As opposed to a Grill Master, I cook in the kitchen, Steve cooks outdoors!)

There you have it. The Komplete Kworks of Kat!

How about you, Gentle Reader?? Share a word that describes you!

Sing a Song About Pittsburgh

Sing a Song About Pittsburgh

It’s Tuesday and that means that Carole wants to know:

10 Songs About Where You Live


About now would be the perfect time to be from Chicago, New York, or San Francisco, but, Pittsburgh???

Now I know lots of songs, but not a single one about Pittsburgh. Thankfully the Google was able to help me out on this one!

Pittsburgh Town by Woodie Guthrie

There’s a Pawnshop on the Corner by Bob Merrill

Ode to Pittsburgh by Louden Wainwright III

Pumping Iron by the Iron City Houserockers

Homestead Town by Mike Stout

Pittsburgh by They Might Be Giants

Dahntahn by Mark Eddie. And really I do not know anyone who talks like this. Promise.

I Love Pittsburgh by Jimmy Sapienza

I’m In Pittsburgh by the Outcasts

And you really can’t do a list of songs about Pittsburgh, and skip the Steelers….

Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa

And, one bonus song, from my most loved home town – Holland, Michigan – home of the Tulip Time Festival:

Tulips are Blooming in Holland, Michigan

Personally, these kids singing might be the best thing ever. Do you have a song your city is famous for?

My Summer Camp Dreams

My Summer Camp Dreams

It’s Tuesday and you know that means that Carole is wondering about something. This week she wants to know:

10 Things You Loved About Summer Camp


This poses a serious problem for me, because I never attended summer camp as a child.

I know. Talk about deprived!

However, it did get me thinking…If I could go to summer camp now, what would it look like?

  1. Knitting Camp, I mean really – how could this NOT be fun.
  2. CIA Boot Camp seems like the perfect way to spend a week!
  3. Or perhaps Wine Camp could be the thing!
  4. And after Wine Camp, the only thing to do is to go to Cheesemaking Camp, of course!
  5. Spy Camp? Really, this could be Sans stilettos, of course.
  6. Perhaps something to rekindle my inner child at Soul Camp
  7. There are options galore at the John C. Campbell Folk School.
  8. Perhaps Language Immersion at one of the Concordia Language Villages?
  9. Knitting in Provence, Tuscany, or Norway – I mean really. Can I leave now?
  10. Yoga and Nora Gaughan Camp…in Maine.

There you have it, Gentle Reader – a plethora of choices for the camp yearning adult. Where would you go?

Photo courtesy of bluebirdsandteapots

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