Intentional Living in the Age of Social Distancing | 4.28.20

Intentional Living in the Age of Social Distancing | 4.28.20

Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen Hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. — Mary Anne Radmacher

When I started this journey to be more intentional, I had no idea that Mary Anne Radmacher’s quote would stay with me in my journey. Yet, it is – and this month I found her words to Practice wellness and Appreciate your friends were just what I needed in Stay at Home Life.

And so, I have spent the month practicing wellness by staying home.

April 7, I began stitching my 100 Day Project. I had spent much of January and February plotting and planning out what I wanted this project to be. I started off eagerly; excited each day to sit with my stitching. One edge was completed, and some niggling worries began to creep in. What if it doesn’t work out like I planned? A couple of days the uneasiness – the uncertainty – kept me from stitching. I spent some time with that uncertainty and discovered that it was not the stitching, but my inner nay-saying voice creeping in. The answer for me was not to argue with that voice, but to tell myself that even if it does not “turn out” it will be okay…and believe it, and intentionally ignore that nay-saying voice.

About mid-month I noticed some significant changes in my life.

My meditation time became easier. I found I did not need to set a time to “stay” meditating. Rather, I welcomed the silence, the breathing, and especially the listening! Being comfortable with the stillness and just listening has been so helpful in these stressful days.

I joined Katie in her Reading Through the Gospels Lenten Journey and at the end of Lent, I just kept going. Kym sent me a wonderful little Intention Journal and I am filling it with notes as I read.

And that brings me to my next focus of the month… my friends. That number includes all of you, Gentle Readers! From your comments, your suggestions, your kindnesses – You make my days better and my life is so much richer because of you! Thank you!

My local Knit Group’s weekly Zoom Meetings have become a thing that I anticipate with great joy. We laugh, we bitch, we share. I did not imagine these women would become such a vital part of my week… but they have, and I am better because of them!

I guess all this means that I have somehow found the path again, and I am profoundly grateful that I have!

I am very happy that Honoré hosts us each month! Please, head over here to see a round up of word updates!

You can see my Intentional Journey here.

Three on Thursday | 1.3.19

Three on Thursday | 1.3.19

Today is all about my intentions for 2019 – intentions that I think will work in concert with my word of the year – focused intentions sound much easier to keep however, deciding what things will be on my list this year has not been easy at all!

Intention One:

Make with more of a focus. This will mean not jumping on every “new” thing that comes along – which might just be the hardest part of all! But my making has been most haphazard in years past – some with great success and some with epic failure! So, this year, my making will have a focus on things that were on my radar – things that the desire to make has not diminished but has grown! I also want to do more gift and charity knitting this year. And, I am off to a good start on the gift knitting! I have had this mini-set for a very long time and have had absolutely no idea what to do with it, and then I saw Sarah Jordan’s Mini-Maximization and knew I had found the perfect project for it! I made some good progress yesterday which is a good thing since this will be a 30th birthday gift for my daughter next month!

Also, this year, I want to continue to do more sewing! Look for a couple of new cold weather things coming soon and I have plans to make a couple of these t-shirts with my serger!

Intention Two:

Move! This quote by Thomas Jefferson is in my planner – “Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.” It is a very good reminder to me that I need to move my body! I have even added a “check-in” of sorts to my planner. I am hoping this accountability will help me get back to moving – and make it a permanent habit!

Intention Three:

Be a more positive person It is a frustrating world and I cannot change everything, but I can change me by being more positive in all things. I need to focus more on the things I can have an impact on and less on the things I cannot change.

So, there you have my intentions for 2019! My plan is for success and actually make them a part of my everyday life – reminding myself daily of them so that they become a part of me. I think these tie in well with my word for the year.

Want to see more lists? Head on over to Carole’s!

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