Product Review: Javori Designs

Product Review: Javori Designs

In March, I was asked to review one of Javori Designs beaded knitting kits. I selected the Chelsea Necklace Kit as I have not knit much jewelry – and in fact, the only knitted jewelry I had made thus far was with wire.

The kit comes with everything you need – sparkly yarn, beads, bead threader, a ring (on which you cast on) and the clasp.

The directions were very clear, however, the Andi Javori has a wonderful tutorial on YouTube that made the clear directions clearer if you are, like me, a visual learner.

You thread on the prescribed number of beads before you begin and then you cast on. Can I just say BRAVO for this bead threader? It is really a wonder – sort of like a big-eyed needle! I loved how easy it made threading the beads on the yarn!

The cast on felt a bit fiddly and awkward, but you only cast on four stitches. The most difficult part of the knitting was counting rows – really. Casting on side two was much easier, and I had this cute necklace knit in about 3 hours – that includes the tassel and adding the beads to the tassel. So, this is a very quick project!

I am not sure I am supposed to tell you these parts, but obviously, the yarn is not my usual wooly want to stick to itself yarn and weaving in the ends worried me. I did not think they would stay – so I did the same wraps that I did to attach the tassel at the base of the ring. I simply wrapped the yarn tail around my knitting just below where I attached the clasps. I then used a crochet hook to pull the tail through and pull it tight. I made sure the yarn came through the back of the knitting so it is hidden in the necklace.

I did surgeons knots with the cast on tails on the wrong side and snipped them off. As you can see, I even had left-over yarn and beads – so I probably could have made it a little bit longer and there are enough beads that I could have added a row of beads to each beaded section.

I really like how it turned out! (And, I hope my sister will too – because it is heading off to her for her birthday!)

Andi Javori can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, and Pinterest.

She has a wide variety of kits available on her website and she is graciously offering my readers a free pattern as well as a 15% discount on your entire online purchase from her website. Please use the code: KATKNITS before April 30, 2017.

If you decide to knit a Chelsea Necklace, please let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts and see your finished project!



Steve and I are, apparently, creatures of habit. On Tuesday, we began talking about  Friday Happy Hour, which continued into Wednesday and Thursday with confessions of how much we were looking forward to it.

I am not sure we need an AA intervention, but one thing is certain – Friday night is one thing we both look forward tremendously. Meal planning (or rather un-meal planning?) discussion has been our dinner conversation all week.

I promise you there will be icy cold martini’s – and I think I might be able to convince Steve to use the Barrel Aged Gin from the Grand Traverse Distillery… (although he is messaging me asking if I think Margaritas sound good…lol)

On the knitting front – I have a special project that I will share with you all next week. Something different for me – but I am surprisingly happy with how it turned out. Stay tuned on Tuesday for all the details! All other knitting has been ignored. I know. It is a sad state of affairs!

I have been working on some spinning at night – which is very slow going. Why? It is a beautiful Rambouillet from Sheepspot Fiber Club and I am working on consistency and spinning fine. Yes… I am trying to channel Beth Smith for this one – I want a nice 2-ply actual lace weight yarn! I have a long way to go yet!

Now, how a few links to close out the week?

That is all I have for this week! See you back here on Monday!!



Today starts the weekend that isn’t.

It is a weekend, but there isn’t much us time. A good friend of Steve’s is getting married tomorrow and Steve is standing up with him.

So, happy hour isn’t happening tonight.

There will be some brief moments of resistance for me on Saturday morning, but the remainder of the day isn’t what I normally do.

Perhaps we can squeeze a weekend into Sunday… we shall have to see. But, reality tells me that isn’t likely.

But of course, I have some links for you:

It was a quiet week on Ravelry but I recently knit a hat pattern by Mary Lou Egan and she released Swales DK in January which I somehow missed. However, she writes a great pattern and I love the simple pattern.

Virginia Sattler-Reimer has a new sock pattern

This one is for Mary who loves Lori Versaci patterns (And, Mary… Shibui Linen + Pebble!) Interesting construction as well!

This is lovely…

Churchmouse Teas and Yarns has a new Sleeveless Slipover pattern! Oh, man! I love all the options – Dress length, tunic, short… I love them all!

And, finally today begins Round 3 of the MDK March Mayhem… I am amazed how well I am doing!! How about you? Are your favorites still in?

Bits of Knitting and Reading

Bits of Knitting and Reading

Knitting and reading have been in a bit of a holding pattern.

I am almost done with A Rule Against Murder with Inspector Gamache. I should have it finished later today.

Up next is this gem from the library. I simply loved Norwegian by Night and I hope I love The Girl in Green as well.

I keep thinking I just have a few more inches to go, but I don’t seem to be getting there. After yesterday’s internal debate about ripping back, the ‘make it perfect’ voice inside me won out, I ripped back and added in the shaping…but!!! This allowed me to try the sweater on again and yep, I now have about 3 inches to go before I have some additional short row shaping and then the ribbing. So, the body is soooo close to being done! I am actually looking forward to getting to Sleeve Island!! Good thing there is a new season of The Bridge available.

Happy Wednesday!

Reflecting Randomly

Reflecting Randomly

The Woman’s March focus this week is “Reflect & Resist”

In that same vein… here are some things to reflect on this week…

Sometimes the (continued) brilliance of knitters astounds me, but this is insane! Because of this, I have added “take at least one class with Mary Scot Huff” to my list of things to do before I die…

Life has been super stressful with the daily barrage of nonsense coming out of Washington, so I was thrilled when The Night Gardner was available from my local library. Reading it has brought Maximum Stress Reduction… I highly recommend it! I have read it twice so far and it is a lovely, lovely book! Feed your inner child this week – read a kid’s book!

Sweater knitting continues but, sometimes it does not go well…

I will let you know how that blocks out, because I am not ripping back again!

That is all I have for today, but please – tell me something random that is happening in your world today.

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