Nordic Wonderland

Nordic Wonderland

Hello Everyone!  Okay, I have a severe case of Knitter’s Cast On Disorder!  Last night before Knit night I began to cast on the Nordic Star Socks from Vogue Knittings “The Ultimate Socks Book”. 

I have just finished the first pattern set and am ready to begin the second pattern sequence.  Yarn – Louet Gems – French Blue and an ivory shade. 

I think they are looking lovely!  And they are so nice and thick – while not feeling bulky at all!! 

Epiphany is tomorrow, which means that Sunday is Saint Distaff Day!  All you spinners out there – get ready!  And, if you are in the area, Threadbear will be having a wee bit of a celebration that day!  Stop on by – even if you are not a spinner!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

On the Fair Isle

On the Fair Isle

Hello everyone – How was your weekend??  Mine was just wonderful!  On Saturday, Blogless Mary and I headed over to see Beth for her Anniversary Celebration. 

It was a nice day for a drive – the sun was out and the road were clear!!  And I had some Spinning Stash Enhancement to do! 

Did you all know that yarn stash and  spinning stash are 2 different things??? 

So, Beth had some great fibers on sale – I picked up some Shetland for a great price.  I have not yet spun with Shetland – and I love the natural color of this! 

Beth had a coupon for those who receive her email newsletter – so, I picked up some Llama roving too!

I wish you all could feel this – it is so soft and has great loft.  I have only spun a wee bit of Llama that was a gift from Shannah, who I met at the class I took last month at Beth’s.  I wanted to try my hand at the Llama again. 

I also got this pound of Merino – the color is just fantastic.  What is not to love about Merino!!

On Friday my package from Nordic Fiber Arts had arrived.  I have to tell you all, if you have not shopped at her online shop – you need to.  The service was outstanding!  I cast on for the December Lights Tam from IK Holiday issue on Sunday morning and this is just flying along.  Nordic Fiber Arts has kits available for this – you could get this done before Christmas.  I am telling you all – I will be buying more from them!!

Mary and I stopped at my all time favorite yarn shop after we left Beth’s – Threadbear!  They were having a HUGE sale!  I was very restrained, I just picked up a skein of sock yarn and the needles I needed to knit December Lights.  The prices at Threadbear cannot be beaten, and the stock of yarn is just amazing.  Mary and I are taking a class there next Saturday!!  So, we will be spending the entire day there!! 

We arrived back in Holland just as the storm was approaching.  Mary came over for some dinner and shortly the freezing rain started – we had a mini-slumber party and sat up knitting and talking until late!! 

Sunday afternoon Ann and her husband picked me up and we headed to Marie’s for her Holiday Open House.  Wow, the house was just gorgeous!  Marie has an amazing talent for decorating.  Great company, delicious food, and the amazing beauty of the decorations were just the icing on the cake of my wonderful weekend!  Marie has definately inspired me to kick up my Christmas decorating a notch!

Lest you all think the weekend was without flaws – there were some dissappointments as well.  And, while I try not to dwell on things negative – suffice it to say that I learned some things that were very upsetting this weekend.  When you discover that you have been taken advantage of in a very blatant way, it changes how you look at everything.  I can assure you that I won’t be quite so trusting in the future. 

But, as I shared with Mary this morning – we need to look for the blessings in our lives rather than wait for them to ‘jump up and hit us in the face’. 

So, I am heading off to bring Christmas cheer to my humble home – and I am so thankful for Marie’s amazing inspiration!! 

Have a great day everyone!

Actual Knitting Content!

Actual Knitting Content!

I know – don’t fall off your chairs!  I have been knitting! 

The lovely Anne has an awesome pattern for fingerless mittens – Snow on Cedars.  I truly enjoy knitting Anne’s patterns.  She is a talented knitter and a gifted designer!  So, I cast on mitt #1 last night and I just cast off mitt #1!  Mitt #2 is calling – I will be casting on shortly – as I watch Grey’s and ER. 


The yarn is just lovely as well.  It is Jojoland Melody Superwash.  I think these will be a lovely pair of mitts!  I particularly like the subtle color change in the yarn.  Sorry the photo is not the best – but it gets dark so early now – I will try for a better photo tomorrow in the daylight.

Specs of Snow on the Cedars – pattern by Anne at Knitspot – knit on US 1 dpns.  I used Lantern Moon’s Sox Stix – mmmmmmmm, are these lovely!

Mitt #2 is cast on and I am into the lace pattern at the bottom of the cuff. 

Alright – I am heading off to knit and watch the end of ER. 

Have a good evening all!

Hump Day?

Hump Day?

 Can you have a hump day if you are not working?  Wednesday’s are the “down hill from here” day in the work-a-day world.  So, do you get a Hump Day if you are in the ranks of the unemployed?

How about a Hump Month?

Can it be all down hill from here?

If it is all down hill from here, I had best get on my bike and start coasting!

Well… if nothing else – there is humor!

 Okay, so – what have I really been doing since I lost my job. 

Tears?  Okay – I will admit, I have shed a few.

Moping?  No – not so much of that.


Well – I am having a bit of a love affair with Alice.

Who is Alice? 

Alice is my Ashford Traveler – and she is the apple of my eye.  I cannot tell you how much I adore her!  She is becoming a fast friend!  She is going to get me through the crisis of loosing my job!  And, she is going to do so with style!

I had spun up all the Wensleydale I purchased at the Allegan Fiber Festival – but – my dear friend Blogless Mary – bequeathed me with the Wensleydale she purchased at the same time. 

Voila’!  Below you will find 1600 more yards of this amazing stuff! 

I am amazed to tell you that I was able to replicate what I had spun earlier!  I am telling you people – Alice is creating a monster here!  You can blame it all on her! 

My  spinning buddy – Copper – seems to be loving Alice as much as I do.  He is so content to sit next to me as I sit and spin.  I think he loves Alice as much as I do!  Here he is – all ready for me to sit back down and while away a day or two spinning and plying. 

How can I refuse this face????  I mean seriously people.  I  am working on priorities – trust me!

 So,  then there was this enabler – Rose.  She is moving, right?  Well, she had some fiber to get rid of….

Can you see where this is going???? 

Yep, I bought it.  It came home with me.  One large bag of gold, burgundy, orange, pink goodness.  One very large bag – people – I have over 1800 yards of this amazing goodness.  It is spun, plied, washed, and dried.  I present to you – Autumn Glory. 

Isn’t she lovely?  How does she look on the polished table in the sunlight?  Are your fingers itching to touch her?  Knit with her?  Can you hear her speaking to you? 

Trust me – she has a siren’s call – and I have all kinds of things rattling around my  head.  Who knew that spinning would spark such creative genius in me! 

Here is a close up – just some Yarn Pr0n for your viewing pleasure! 

So… do you think there are any spinning jobs I might find? 

Have Alice -will travel!

Have a blessed evening everyone! 





Hello Everyone!  Well, here we are starting out the 11th month on an interesting note.  Last year I was part of Noro-vember.  I love knitting with Noro so much, I have pulled out some from my stash and will most certainly cast on a few things and knit to my hearts content.

I got a couple of skeins of Kureyon from a secret pal some time back – and I think I am going to knit myself a pair of socks from them.  A quick, easy knit and just in time for cold weather – so they will keep my toesies warm!  I also have some holiday knitting that I want to work on.  It will be a Noro-bember-ly delicious month!

So, the challenge for me this month is to have good content for NaBloPoMo – do I think I can do it?  Well, I will certainly give it a good try!

Things coming up for me this month – a plying class the weekend of the 17th.  I am eagerly awaiting this class.  EAGERLY!!  My wheel has become a much loved item in my home.  It is on the list for “If there was a fire, what would I take…. ”  What was I thinking, resisting the spinning bug for so long????  Sheer craziness I tell you. 

Last knit there was some Knitting with Grey’s though… I do enjoy that show.   Thursday nights are a good knit night – I did not get to my normal Knit Nite – Heidi and Sam both have some major tests at school today so there was lots of “quizzing” going on here last night.  This is, at times, a humbling experience…. sometimes I am amazed at how much I remember from school… other times, like last night – my brain is struggling with the “I am sure I never had this in high school” syndrome.  Yeah, last night I would not have disagreed with my kids had they said – “oh mom, you don’t know anything”.  Not that they ever say that outloud… but, you know they are soooo thinking it!

Well… I had better get moving.  Have a good day all… catch you tomorrow!

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