Things I learned this week | 2.9.24

Things I learned this week | 2.9.24

Happy Friday!

Yes, February is moving on… rather rapidly! (too rapidly?) I am thinking that our little run of gloriously sunny days might be the reason why… because the normal sunless winter we usually get… well, those days just seem to drag, don’t they?

But this week was for learning… and learn I did! So let’s get started!

I had no clue that I really needed a Fast Car duet coupled with a rousing rendition of Both Sides Now… every. single. day. The most delicious ear worms. Who knew that songs from what feels like a lifetime ago, suddenly have new life in my head!

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Foyle’s War… I needed a Seaming Companion this week and Christopher Foyle and dear Sam were just the ticket! Two episodes “done” and I have just two seams to go on my sweater! The seaming will end soon (today maybe) but I think that I will be spending a bit more time with the Foyle Crew!

And speaking of seaming… I had forgotten how magical mattress stitching is! Although sleeve caps remain one heck of a challenge! They are the Main Culprit for my Seaming Angst. But down the “straightaway” … well, it might be the most fun of knitting!

In the ongoing search for “Horse Books” for Genevieve, I discovered Elaine Heney! (and there are LOTS of books by her to grow Vivi’s library!)

And there you have the things I learned this week… Happy Friday, Everyone! See you all back here on Monday!


Proof of Life | 2.2.24

Proof of Life | 2.2.24

Today is Groundhog’s Day and Punxsutawney Phil will soon be making is prediction… but regardless of him seeing his shadow or not, we have 6 more weeks of winter before spring arrives on March 19th. (Although with our forecast of a week of much warmer temps, maybe spring will be arriving this week!)

I read another week with Margaret Renkl’s The Comfort of Crows and it might just have been my favorite week thus far!

I was so absorbed by the task of planning for spring that I completely forgot how long the wait for true springtime would be…I was remembering my favorite part of planting: the moment when the seedling, fragile as any lace-winged insect or hallow-boned nestling, somehow shoves the clods of earth aside and makes it way upward and outward. Searching for the light. — Margaret Renkl, The Comfort of Crows, an excerpt from Winter, Week 7

Last fall… I invested in spring. I planted LOTS of bulbs and have since been battling squirrels who believed I planted a buffet just for them! I have even seen said squirrels taunting me from the tree gnawing on the big, juicy bulbs they had unearthed. My fears grew and grew and grew… was my hopeful investment for a blooming spring for naught?

Oh, me of little faith!

Crocus peeking out! And yes, the weeds are growing… sigh.

This week a plethora of “proof of life” has been showing in my gardens! I might have even put on my happy pink socks and done a great big happy dance in my soggy back yard!

Daffodils that the squirrels missed!

So even if those squirrels have feasted on a good number of bulbs… some survived and that makes all that work in the fall very much worth it! (Even if Bah Humbug Steve does not agree with me!) Sadly, the alliums that were sending up their delicate tender fronds were mowed back down to ground level. What ate them? I have no clue. I am hopeful their will to live will overcome this tragedy.

Who chomped these wee alliums?!

And… I have one month of stitching done… A Proof of Life from my creative self as well!

Thirty-one days of stitching!

I wish you all a very happy weekend! See you all back here on Monday!

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January… or April… a RIFF | 1.26.24

January… or April… a RIFF | 1.26.24

It has been a topsy-turvy week here… we went from having temps in the teens on Sunday… to this morning an unbelievable 63°F. It smells like spring outside… and the birds must be thinking so as well because there was so much singing as Sherman and I trekked out this morning. The best thing might have been CLEAR SKIES!!! Those clear skies afforded me a glance at a Wolf Moon that was slowly setting.

So with a topsy-turvy week, my thoughts are sort of topsy-turvy as well… but an every once in a while you just need a good Friday brain dump, right?

Wolf Moon in pink skies…

Re-thinking —

This week Bonny posted about The Barbie Movie… which I have not seen. Then Kym sent some more encouragement my way about how I just might enjoy it…  because it is fun! And then the icing on the cake came this week with the Oscar nominations… of course Ken was nominated… Which seems to me to highlight life for women… we do all the hard work, make all the things happen (and generally on time) and our reward is… no notice at all. So, this weekend I will be tucking in with my Great Cabled Sweater and watching The Barbie Movie with thoughts of solidarity for women everywhere.

Impetus (reignited) —

Speaking of that Great Cabled Sweater… well, I fanned the flames on it a bit yesterday and cruised through the button holes and made a LARGE dent in the shawl collar… I have a few repeats of increases and then a tiny bit of straight knitting before arriving at the Short Rows Portion of the collar. I am thinking the other band will go much quicker as I won’t have to make button holes… and I am thinking that The Great Seaming will happen in early February!

(a mighty) FINE (sewer) —

One of you asked earlier this week what I was going to do with my “pages” when I am finished sewing them. When I went to pull fabrics for this 100-day journey… I stumbled across all sorts of bits of fabrics from things I had sewn for Heidi’s kids… things that no longer fit (as happens with growing children) and I thought that putting them all together for her in a sort of a memory book would be special to her. Page one turned out so well… and page two is looking mighty fine as well (of course, I am biased) but I think it fits for Heidi’s “farm!” I am having so much fun with this project… most especially the timeframe… 15 minutes a day. It is a wonder what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes.

Days One and Two… and I think you can see my faint pencil lines of where I am heading later today…

Finding (answers) —

There has been a mystery that has puzzled me for a few months now… at first I thought it was a “one off” and the toilet paper scoring machine was having a moment. But then the next package had more of the same strange scoring on the TP… waves… ripples… not straight. (And honestly, I thought it was because we bought our TP at the Costco… so I thought they might be getting the “imperfect” lots.) But no… that is not the case at all! Leave it to Slate to uncover the toilet paper perforation mystery!

And there you have it… I am itching to get back outside in this unbelievable January April weather! See you all back here on Monday!

Friday Finds | 11.3.23

Friday Finds | 11.3.23

It has been a very chilly week here in my corner of the Burgh… the frosts have come (as did one morning with a dusting of snow!) This weekend we are supposed to be a bit milder so I am hoping to get the remainder of my bulbs in. This is my first time planting any bulbs and confession time… I much prefer warmer weather to be in the garden!

I have just a few of things to share with you all this week.

First up, I saw this post on Threads and I think his idea of practicing getting up from the floor as a game is a good idea. I am adding this to my “November List” of things… maybe you should too!

Anne Lamott wrote a beautiful opinion piece on the idea of “borrowed time” in the WaPo this week. It has stayed with me all week and I wanted to share her (profound) words with you all as well so I am gifting you the article, you can read it here.

Yesterday, I saw bits of an interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates which spurred me to find the entire interview. You might want to find a bit of time to watch it as well… as always, Coates has a way about him that makes me stop and think.

Finally, MY YARN ARRIVED for The Sweater! I need to find a spot of time to begin the swatch-o-rama! (My yarn choice? I went with Peace Fleece in the same color that Emily used… I do not have anything in my wardrobe like it and I am so excited!)

One large ball of Peace Fleece and four little bits that will soon be a gnome!

I am eagerly awaiting my class today… I wound some yarns and am ready to go!

See you all back here on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Friday Finds | 11.3.23

Friday Finds | 10.27.23

Gentle Readers,

October was A. Month… wasn’t it? My heart is heavy with All.The.Bad.News.

And then Lewiston, Maine and Allderice High School happened.

So today I am sharing some things that have helped me move forward this month. Things that have helped the hope within me increase. Hope that I have made a point of sharing.

It is my wish that you will find something that lifts you… perhaps even in these things I share:

First up… thank the gods for librarians, but most especially for Mychal (You should absolutely follow him… he is a highlight of every day!)l:


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Next up is Levi... or perhaps my love is really for Levi’s dad… I don’t know, but gosh does Levi eat well!! If there is reincarnation, I would like to come back as a sibling of Levi please!


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And… can it even be fall without some Stella! (or again, maybe it is Stella’s dad who is the winner here!)

Finally, I have tried chai numerous times in my life and it has always been just too sweet nor am I a person who “googles” tea… ever. So I found it funny that Chai Ads began showing up on the Meta™ platforms… One in particular kept showing up on the regular and it piqued my interest. So I broke down and bought some… and WOW! And I mean WOW! If you, like me, are not a chai fan but wondered what good chai might taste like… wonder no more. The Kolkata Chai Co delivers! It has all the amazing flavors and none of the über sweetness that other chais have. And it is so good with oat milk. It is my new afternoon cuppa…

My hope for you is that you find somethings this weekend that lifts you in unexpected ways. See you all back here on Monday with my word update.

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