Vacation Reflections

Vacation Reflections

Most of the time a short week is a good thing – but a short week after a vacation was perhaps not the smartest idea. My list barely has a dent in it! (However, laundry is almost done and yogurt is made!)

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to get one of Steve’s socks for length so I could perhaps finish sock numero uno yesterday. That might have worked if he cut his toes off. Seriously, I thought about suggesting it for more than half a second! Today will find me ripping back the toe and knitting another inch (really, I am knitting WAY more than an inch and hoping they will be just a bit too big!!) Promising him and his size 14 feet a pair of hand knit socks was perhaps the most epic disaster of my knitting life. Really. I will persevere and finish these suckers, however painful it is. And trust me, it is plenty painful! I am trying to avoid the urge to put these socks in Knitting Time Out.

Rather I am going to focus on the beauty that is the Frankfort, Michigan beach.


Instead of feeling bogged down like these poor benches, buried up to their necks in sand!

How about a double dose of Friday Links?? There has been plenty of good stuff over the past couple of weeks:

That is all I have this week. Tonight, there will be a Grand Traverse Distillery Manhattan or two to usher in FriYAY and Steve is taking a half a day – so while it is technically not a “long weekend” it will be starting a wee bit early! The weather is calling for a backyard bonfire too!

I hope your weekend is fantastic, see you back here on Monday!

First Day of Fall – Currents

First Day of Fall – Currents

Enjoying: Hot coffee after a summer of sipping it iced! For me it is the perfect transition to fall and one that is very welcome!

Making: The last of the local peaches into jam. I have perfected the recipe of the course of the season. It is so good, especially in homemade Greek yogurt! Also, a big batch of pesto with the last of the basil from the garden.

Eating: So. Many. Tomatoes!

In My Ears: A Fatal Grace – my second Inspector Gamache novel. I have about 4 chapters to go and it is really so good!

Watching: Crimes of Passion while I ride the bike in the morning. I am almost done with the series, so up next Luther will be my companion!

Packing: For a trip to Michigan – Konmari items, gifts, yarn for a couple of pairs of socks and this sweater, and clothes for two seasons – it could be warm, or it could be very cold! Also, my Bialetti, because coffee is ultimately necessary for household happiness.

Loading: My Kindle with a few good vacation reads (and I am taking one actual library book – The Year of Living Danishly)

Planning: The perfect balance of time with family and alone with Steve. However, I am lucky that one small being tips the scale in my direction giving me a double vote on what to do!

Excited: To try our first Airbnb experience as well as a taste of autumn in Northern Michigan and some nice long walks in Leelanau County.

Anticipating: A Happy Hour or two at North Peak, lunch at J&S Hamburg, and ice cream with Genevieve!


Too Soon Gone

Too Soon Gone

The weekend started off so perfectly and even a bit early on Friday – good eats, great drinks and a quiet evening at home where the great AC debate took place. I lost and the AC went back on.

Saturday brought a bit of retail therapy, a trip to Primanti’s, and watching Michigan Football! There was even a sleeve cast on!! Oh, and cleaning – there was some cleaning.

Sunday we decided to toss the house on its ear and rearrange furniture. There might have been some yelling. Okay, maybe quite a bit and it was not all done by me, just sayin!!

I am really feeling like I need more weekend and so I am going to indulge in one more day or at least part of if while I am home alone. Monday, it’s your lucky day!

When Konmari Sparks Saudade

When Konmari Sparks Saudade

I had been so filled with joy in emptying out boxes and sorting through things from my move to Pittsburgh.


Overflowing with joy!

There were things that were easy to either move on to a new home or get rid of because if you have not used something in 3 years, you probably don’t need it right?

However, I moved here with LOTS of things from/for my kids. Things they made. Things I made for them. Things I loved dearly and that sparked such amazing joy.

If something sparks joy, Marie says it’s a keeper and this stuff sparks joy and then some! However, would they spark more joy in my children’s homes now?

Heidi Quilt

Two Year Old Hands carefully stitched.

I had to take a step back and reassess my Konmari process. There are things that Marie Kondo had left out of her amazing little book. She forgot about the Saudade items – those things that bring deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for a time that will never return.

So, I have begun a box or two that will go with us when we visit my kids at the end of the month. The sorting process has gone rather slowly as I have worked through the challenging task, and it has been filled with bittersweet memories and a wistful longing for days gone by.

I am going to need more Kleenex™ to get through this.


Focus on Monday

Focus on Monday

The weekend was a bit of a blur and I am facing a busy Monday and trying to not lose my perspective. Do I look at my flower bed and see that much of it is done for the season.


Or do I see the blooms that persevere – brilliantly.

This is important for me, especially when I have a really long to-do list today!

It includes planting these lovely mums…

cleaning these babies…

and about a million other things!

What’s on your list today?

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