Hitting the Jackpot

Hitting the Jackpot


You can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine.” – Flip Wilson

Carole was off in Vegas doing a bit of celebrating this past weekend and because of that, I think this is the perfect 10 on Tuesday! I sure hope they were doing lots of shouting over the weekend!

Ten Things to Shout When You Hit the Jackpot:

  1. What?!?!
  2. NO WAY!!!
  3. OMG
  5. We’re in the money!
  6. I can’t believe it!
  7. Yipppeeeeeee!
  9. Wait, what?
  10. I have to pay how much in taxes???!!!???

Chances are very good that I will never shout any of these ten items because in order to win a jackpot I have to put some nickels in the machine, which I don’t do with any regularity.

That got me thinking about other ways to hit the jackpot and I think a non-gamblers jackpot list is a thing… isn’t it?

So here is my Non-Gambler’s Jackpot list:

  1. All of your kids graduating from college AND finding jobs
  2. The birth of your first grandchild
  3. Noticing that you have lost weight and you have not been dieting
  4. Groceries that miraculously pro-create in your cupboard eliminating the need to ever return to the grocery store
  5. Self-folding laundry
  6. The discovery of a Pug that does not shed
  7. Teleportation is a reality
  8. Deciding that you do not have insomnia, but really only need two hours of sleep at night
  9. Being able to do your hair EXACTLY as your stylist did – Every. Single. Time! (See Saturday’s post!)
  10. Getting gauge on the gauge swatch on the first try

Now this list would be hitting the jackpot indeed!

Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Be Still Sunday

Be Still Sunday

I have been inspired to join the cool kids in NaBloPoMo.  I know! What on earth am I thinking?!?

However, I think I have a good plan. I have put together a calendar of the month with a blog plan for the days.

What?!? A plan for your blog?

In any case, this will give me a good start on ending the year well and a good plan for beginning 2016, which sadly gets closer and closer with every passing day.

And, so it begins:  Happy November 1st, Gentle Reader, and welcome to NaBloPoMo at Casa del KatKnits, and after a very busy Sunday morning I think it is time to be still and enjoy the quietness of what remains of the weekend with a bit of knitting and a movie. I hope your weekend was filled with a good balance of activity and stillness. If not, there is still some time to correct that before Monday arrives!

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