Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

First, there was a bit of dyeing.

Then there was a little re-skeining.

Finally yesterday, with the help of my incredibly talented friend, AsKatKnits Studios was born!

Today AsKatKnits Studios is open for business.

Please feel free to go look around a bit. I will be adding more yarns and fibers in the upcoming days.

I would like to thank StevoFC for all his help yesterday! Your attention to detail, your drive for perfection, and your willingness to drop everything to help a friend is humbling.

Gentle Readers, if ever you need any web design work, I would highly recommend him!

Thanks, Steve!

Trained Monkeys

In my on-going search for employment, today entered a new phase. I applied a couple of weeks ago for a “relief rural carrier” (i.e. substitute mail carrier) with the United States Post Office.

Yes, that United States Post Office!

After filling out their extensive and exhausting application, progressed to an “online personality evaluation” – that would be a one hundred and eighty-question personality evaluation. A friend warned me to answer, “Ask your supervisor” for any questions in which I might have my own opinion about!

I must have answered correctly because a few days after that I received an email to inform me that my next step was to schedule my “postal exam” within the next ten days.


Didn't you get my memo?

Didn't you get my memo?

Or maybe I should say, didn’t you read my memo?

Communication is highly under-rated, until Miss Communication showed up unexpectedly.

Can someone please show her the door… I really need to get dressed.

Moody Monday

Moody Monday

Days that are shades of grey and feeling empty and alone.

It can sometimes be too quiet….

However, I keep telling myself that spring is coming.

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