Sometimes Monday | 12.19.22

Sometimes Monday | 12.19.22

Usher’s in crunch time…

I don’t know about any of you, but the Holiday Blues are definitely a thing… at least for me they are. My expectations have often been the trigger for those blues… as in my expectations are HIGH and reality never quite hits that level.

Today, I am giving myself permission to be imperfect.

Today, I am reminding myself that “not enough” might actually be “more than enough.”

Today, I am reminding myself that pausing for some impromptu deep breathing helps diffuse the feelings, the thoughts, the frustrations.

Today, I am simply going to love my perfectly imperfect self and I am going to say it out loud so I can hear it… inside and out!

Be gentle with yourselves… yes to that extra cup of coffee or tea! And a double yes to just one more row!

This week is for all those extras… and more! See you all back here on Wednesday!

Sometimes Monday | 12.19.22

Sometimes Monday | 12.12.22

Is all about books!

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.
Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

While we were very much a Harry Potter House… there was a good bit of Lemony Snicket to fill the ‘regularly scheduled reading time’… and I very much concur with the above quote! My only addition to the above quote would be knitting!

Anyways, I book marked this page from NPR a couple of weeks ago and have been spending bits of time adding things to my TBR List! The link also includes book lists going back to 2013! Why is that good thing? Well… things that were “hot reads” in 2013 are likely to be available at your local library… just in case you need a new read right this very minute! Ha!

Things that have popped out to me that I have not read from the couple of lists I have gone through:

  • The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Stroud
  • This House is Haunted by John Boyne
  • When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

I finished a very good book over the weekend… Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher. It is the perfect book to read as the days race on towards Christmas. It has the very best characters and the most delightful outcome. It will warm your heart! If you have not read it, perhaps you should (and if you have Hoopla available from your library, it is always available there!)

There you have my Sometimes Monday thoughts..and with a book in hand my ears, I am off to get those pesky chores started!

Happy Monday all!

Sometimes Monday | 12.19.22

Sometimes Monday | 12.5.22

December’s wintery breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer’s memory… ― John Geddes A Familiar Rain

This mornings constitutional with Sherman was all about December’s wintery breath… and frost on the ground! It was a morning that we needed our woolies!! The frosty cold weather showed me clearly that I need a new pair of walking mitts! I am going to toss the handspun stash this morning to see what I can find to make myself a new pair of mitts!

The weekend had a bit of a mad rush feeling to it. A throwback to days long gone… perhaps you all will remember as well. That mad dash to get back on the “School Track” because vacation is over! Yep, that was me… I realized that I had homework due on Monday! Yikes! So I hurried and watched the video and then spent a chunk of Sunday getting the homework done. I am sharing my attempt at making an ordinary window box extraordinary. There is lots of room for improvement… lol.

In the plus column… my washes have improved dramatically. I think this is a combination of using better paper (I am strictly using Arches paper now) coupled with my better understanding of how to apply a wash. Anyways, I am very proud of how I have improved!

In the needs lots more practice column… graded “things” … and in this image, the graded thing is flowers. I have much to learn in this skill. Good thing I like painting as much as I do! Haha

I also gleefully dipped my toes back into doing some embroidery this weekend. I saw these thanks to Kym last week and while I am not making a set of ornaments… I have purchased the pattern, blown it up a bit and have begun Star Stitching! I will share my progress on Wednesday!

And!! Gnoelle (thanks Vera, that name is perfect!) Knitting has begun! No spoilers, but let me assure you that thus far (two clues in) the differences are so fun! I am amazed at the genius of Sarah Schira! Not only does December have knitting clues, but she includes a fun story as well! December Gnome Knitting at its best!

Happy Monday all! See you back here on Wednesday with some Unraveling!

Sometimes Monday | 11.21.22

Sometimes Monday | 11.21.22

is for contemplating Gratitude!

Kym has invited and I will happily join in!

My plan? To post three things I am grateful for every day this week.

And before you ask….Yes, Unraveled Wednesday will be here… but a gratitude edition! (I mean how can one not be thankful that they are a maker and a reader?!)

Things I am grateful for today:

  1. My improving painting skills and finding a creative outlet that both challenges and inspires me!
  2. Sherman… every single day! But especially this week as he is my constant kitchen companion!
  3. Poetry… which I cannot imagine not being part of my day… any day. But most certainly a week that we focus on gratitude!

And with that, I am going to begin the housework portion of my day… with a grateful heart. Happy Monday All!




Sometimes Monday | 12.19.22

Sometimes Monday | 11.7.22

…is all about persistence.

I got a Christmas Cactus last November from Trader Joe’s… it was full of buds then, but not a single one bloomed. Instead over the course of a couple of weeks, they all fell off. I was quite heartsick over it.

But!! I did not give up! Instead I rallied around this despondent Christmas Cactus. I watered it…I made sure it had light and a lovely spot to sit. And yes, I talked to it… a lot! It is a very attentive listener! LOL

And in mid-October I began to give it the tiniest bit of fertilizer… and look at it now! Apparently, my plant was patient as well… patiently waiting for that bit of fertilizer! And it looks like it is going to be a showy November which will hopefully carry over into December as well!

The end of each phylloclade has at least one bud…quite a few have two, and some have THREE!

If ever there was a lesson for me in not giving up, this is it! Sometimes the payoff takes a LONG time… but don’t give up!

That, my friends, is my Sometimes Monday wisdom for all of you.

See you all back here on Wednesday!



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