Sometimes Monday | 8.9.21

Sometimes Monday | 8.9.21

Is for seeking input!

Last week we had a wee break in the heat and humidity, but that all ended over the weekend. This week is supposed to be warm and so humid. But that break…it makes me think about moving out of this season and easing into autumn.

It’s been such a strange summer… this was my “harvest” from this morning. Six little cherry tomatoes…sigh. I talked with someone this weekend who is having no better gardening luck that I am… and they garden on a much larger scale than the tiny garden we have.

But rather than dwell on the disappointments to start the week… I thought I’d ask the Knitting Hive Mind for some knitterly input. I have been thinking about Pressed Flowers …lots! I have even dreamt about it! (sorry, Ravelry link… I looked for other ways to share the shawl, but alas… Rav appears to be the only place Amy sells her patterns.) It would be a lovely thing to knit this fall and I think some of you have made it, but I honestly can’t remember if that is true. If you have made Pressed Flowers, what are your thoughts? Is it wearable…or maybe I should ask, Do you wear it often? I am contemplating using plötulopi to knit it with… my vision is a light, but warm layering piece.

That is all I have for this morning! See you all back here on Wednesday and I look forward to your Pressed Flowers input!


Sometimes Monday’s | 8.2.21

Sometimes Monday’s | 8.2.21

Are beautifully overcast and almost chilly enough to need a sweater!

This morning it feels like a switch has been turned off as August ushered in some much cooler nights. This paired with the now noticeably darker mornings and earlier darker evenings brings the knowledge that summer is not here to stay.

(Outside of my gardening woes) It has been the most glorious summer I can remember in quite some time. The pace at which I have been savoring summer has been perfect. I am not rushing to the “next thing” and while I am very disappointed in my gardens lack of productivity… my attitude of “it is what it is” is helping ease that disappointment. One thing I love is puttering in the garden in the early morning hours and productivity or not, that is where I like to be.

The outside time has brought another treat this summer… I have been enjoying the antics of a pair of Hairy Woodpecker’s brood of chicks and their unceasing demands for “more food…NOW”! Watching their parents fill the hungry mouths has been a delight!

One thing growing that has been on “hyper-growth” this year are my herbs… particularly my basil! And while I am sad that Kym is not having the same success… I am thankful that she shared a link for Basil Bombs. That bushy plant is about to get “de-leafed” and my freezer is waiting for those little green treasures. I don’t have an ice cube tray but I think I can make it work with “snack sized” ziplock bags.

One final very good thing from the weekend was an Amazon delivery that has brought things into focus… lol. Yep, I got an Ottlite and have been doing some stitching this weekend. What an incredible difference *seeing* makes! This stitching project is eons old (and I think it might almost qualify as an antique!) But, I made some very good progress yesterday once I got the right distance figured out! This is my “trial run” to see how it goes, and if it goes well… I have my eye on a couple of patterns from Etsy. (namely this and this)

And that is all I have for today… I will see you all back here on Wednesday!

Sometimes Monday | 7.19.21

Sometimes Monday | 7.19.21

Brings new things!

A rainy weekend meant that I spent more time indoors (and got a jump on the week’s tasks!) But that is okay because have a bit of a pattern puzzle to put together and some tools to find! (Hello, grommet setter!)

So thanks to that weekend rain, my Monday is abnormally free!

Summer is just rolling right along and I am shocked at how quickly it is going. Too quickly, so last night I reminded myself that I have a summery top in process… I made some good progress while watching Dr. Death with Steve last night. Neither of us knew anything about this before watching but Joshua Jackson piqued our interest! We binged 3 episodes which helped me get closer to the Great Sleeve Divide on my sweater. I have an inch or so to go, so that should take no time at all (and can be my reward for putting my puzzle together! lol)

The only other “bonus” thing from the weekend was perfecting a cocktail Steve found. I thought it was too sweet with the Agave (and tasted a bit margarita-ish as well) But I am growing some gorgeous Pineapple Basil that is HUGE so I made a simple syrup that I steeped about a dozen basil leaves in. It is the perfect addition for the cocktail… with it it was not too sweet and the flavors pair beautifully with the cocktail. I think Thai Basil would pair well also!

And with that, I am off to begin cutting out my pattern pieces to put them all together! I hope your weekend was full of good things!


Sometimes Monday… | 7.12.21

Sometimes Monday… | 7.12.21

Arrives and I have nothing for a blog post. So when all else fails, poetry saves the day! I hope that this poetry will bolster your day and start your week off in the best way! See you all back here on Wednesday!

In Summer Twilight

Joshua Henry Jones, Jr.

Just a dash of lambent carmine
  Shading into sky of gold;
Just a twitter of a song-bird
  Ere the wings its head enfold;
Just a rustling sigh of parting
  From the moon-kissed hill to breeze;
And a cheerful gentle, nodding
  Adieu waving from the trees;
Just a friendly sunbeam’s flutter
  Wishing all a night’s repose,
Ere the stars swing back the curtain
  Bringing twilight’s dewy close.

Sometimes Monday | 6.21.21

Sometimes Monday | 6.21.21

Bring (the official start of) summer and a very full week.

I have a list which includes the mundane that I don’t need a list to remember to do, but the joy of crossing things off inspires me to always include the mundane.

It includes finding a new physician… never, ever a fun task but I can’t put it off any longer. (I have had it on my list for several weeks now… sigh)

It also includes finding my missing AirPods. I am hoping that if I pull the sofa apart first this morning I will find them. But everywhere else I have looked has not been successful. Sigh.

I hope your Monday brings a short list and a long, lovely day! See you all back here on Wednesday!

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