A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Borrowing an idea from Vicki to wind down these last days of December, here is my Blog Year in Review!

January opened the door for a Year of Gratitude.

February 1st started the Bang out a Stopover phenomenon – 35 hours later, a sweater was born.

March started with a fun 10 on Tuesday!

April was all springtime and flowers. Boy, does that look good this morning!

Started with a what am I doing right now post and the iced coffee is a pleasant reminder of warmer days!

June began with a mystery – Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Knit Along that is!

July kicked off the Tour de Fleece and I had a plan. Bonus because some of this frenzied spinning is bringing peaceful knitting!

I think the best thing all year happened in August! We went to see Hillary when she came to Pittsburgh to campaign.

September started off with a bit of sweater surgery to make a no longer fitting sweater fit.

October started with the end of our vacation in Michigan, which provided a good number of photos for the remainder of the month!


November ushered my second successful participation in NaBloPoMo2016 and my 30 days of posting began with an almost completed Sigla!

Think Write Thursday’s was born in 2016 and the December first TWT post was a welcome letter to the month.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Ave Atque Vale

Ave Atque Vale

Or, as Sherman is gleefully shouting – Hail and Farewell!

I tried all week to get Sherman photos, however he was having absolutely no part of it. In the end, Steve picked him up and he participated, albeit unwillingly!

This photo was right after I said to him, “I swear it is the last one…”


And, then he began racing gleefully around the back yard.

Hope your Saturday is filled with as much enthusiasm as Sherman’s with the ending of Saturday posting for another year!


Frosty Monday

Frosty Monday

The first really hard frosts happened here over the weekend, which was the abrupt end to all that was green in the yard.

Other than that, it was a non-weekend – you know, the kind that was over before it began.

There was some football, but it was not great football – Michigan lost.

Up next were my gauge issues that hounded me Saturday and Sunday – talk about fun times at Casa del KatKnits!

But, my inquiring mind wants to know — do you knit a gauge swatch when knitting mitts?

Yeah, me either.

Which led to frogging my Squad Mitt – not once, but four times thus far.

Of course, not having a 2.75mm needle is perhaps part of my problem. I have a 3mm or a 2.5 mm, but no 2.75mm needles could be found in my house! 3mm – WAY too big (even knitting the small mitt!), 2.5 – way too small (knitting the small mitt) and 2.5 mm in the larger mitt – also too big! Gah!

Okay, next step – remove stitches. 2.5mm + 44 stitches and I am hoping this will be the right combination. Yeah. It is a fingerless mitt, for heaven’s sake! But, it felt at times like rocket science! Way beyond my abilities however, I knit on in hope!

I did get to Indie Knit and Spin on Saturday – and I got a skein of Vesper Sock Yarn! (And a mitten kit!) Perhaps I need to just put the mitts down and give them a bit of a time out and knit some socks! These colors sure make me happy!


And, here it is Monday, and I am hoping the weekend was not a preview of what the week is to be… (at least the ripping out and redoing portion – if it wants to be over and done with before I know it, that is fine by me!)

How was your weekend?

Saturdays with Sherman – 11-12-16

Saturdays with Sherman – 11-12-16

If he could talk he’d be telling me to put that damned camera away.

Sorry, Sherms – NaBloPoMo marches on!

I hope your Saturday is a bit less grumpy than Sherman’s!

P.S. He really wanted to ignore me like this, but I made him look!



Hello, Friday!

Hello, Friday!

The week is ending on a very good note (especially since it began on Thursday night!)

While I have not seen any butterflies at all in the last week or so (like the beauty above from last year’s visit to Ohio Pyle) I have seen some curious (and brave!) bees in the flower beds in the past couple of days! It seems they sleep on flowers! There is your fun fact for the day!

Mr. or Ms. Bee was still there in the morning when I had Sherman out. I was happy to see they made it safely through the night! I guess I won’t be tearing out these flowers anytime soon – I did not know I was running a Bee Hostel! LOL
Insects aside, my list is looking very good with only the Tomatillo Salsa left to finish, which will be done shortly!

Hopefully today I will find some time to get the body done on my Sigla! I only have about three inches to go and I can begin the sleeves!

Now how about a few (sadly very few this week) Friday Links:

Kelbourne Woolens is doing a very interesting series on swatching.

That is all I have for today. Have a fantastic weekend and see you back here on Monday!

P.S. Are any of you thinking of participating in NaBloPoMo? It is curious that I have heard (nor read) nothing about it at all. But, I am in… are you?

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