The Bodacious Thought Process

In the continuing bodacious thought process, this quote appeared on a friends Facebook wall and I loved it. Ms. Angelou’s statement spoke volumes to me with her brilliant wisdom in this statement:

“Each of us has that right, that possibility, to invent ourselves daily. If a person does not invent herself, she will be invented. So, to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise” – Maya Angelou.

Janey – Director of all that is Bodacious has posed another question to her Bodacious-wanna-be’s and she wants to know this:

“What place feeds your soul? Where do you feel most at home? Most creative? Most peaceful? Most like your authentic self? Any and all of the above…”

My question is this: is this a place or a thought process. Do I in fact need to be some place special to feed my soul or feel more at home? Am I more creative one place and lacking creativity in another? Do I find peace within myself or is peace something that comes from an outside force? Am I only authentic in certain spaces or times?

My answer is a simple yet resounding no.

I believe this has more to do with my thought process and nothing at all to do with a physical location. For indeed, if one only feels authentic when they are somewhere they are not – are they truly authentic?

I am most at home within myself – no matter where I might physically be.

This is not a process that is stagnant either, because I try to daily work on ‘feeding my soul’ in a number of ways. I look for things that will expand my knowledge, inspire me, or challenge me.

It seems that far too many people spend far too much time wishing their lives away. They spend all their time wishing they were something they are not, or longing to be in a different location. Perhaps if the spent a fraction of that time doing something about it they might discover just what they are searching for inside themselves!

My question to you is this; are you trying to invent yourself daily, as Maya Angelou suggests, or are you spinning your wheels wishing your life away?

The bodacious possibilities are truly endless.

In search of "unbridled, gleeful joy"…

My Bodacious Leader has again posed a question to all those in pursuit of becoming bodacious, “What activity that I do (or did, or want to do) gives me unbridled, gleeful joy? What’s my “thing?”

Miss Janey goes even further and compels us not to be shy or embarrassed, to share our joy liberally!

All right then, without further adieu I present to you all that which gives me great joy:

The List of Joy

  1. Knitting – this is of course first on the list.
  2. Talking with Stevo – thank God for my BFF!
  3. Cooking – so I can do #4
  4. Eating.
  5. Thought provoking conversation.
  6. Learning something new.
  7. My kids.
  8. Listening to music.
  9. Spinning – yes, I like spinning – however my real love is #1.
  10. Change.

So there you have it, ten items that bring me great joy, now you tell me – what brings you joy!

The Kat's Out of the Bag…

“Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.” Bill Cosby

Apparently, being bodacious began for me at a very early age, because Bill Cosby’s quote fit perfectly for my growing up years!

Either that or I had that common hearing condition which plagues most children… I am sure you know it, the dreaded Selective Hearing Syndrome.

Why the name topic, you ask? Well, my Bodacious and Fearless Leader has put the task before her minions to talk about what is in a name, namely my name!

Why were you given your name?

This is an easy one, I was named after my mother, who was named after a relative (not her mother, but rather a beloved aunt), and I in turn did likewise with my first born. We all share Kathryn in our name.


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