A Labor Day Weekend, Sans Labor

A Labor Day Weekend, Sans Labor

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday to me! Although that is not all bad because tomorrow is Wednesday already and that is halfway to the weekend!

Although, there may have been a conversation yesterday about needing a weekend from our weekend…some things are so nice they just should not end!

Carole wants to know:

10 Things You Did This Weekend

There were so many good things this weekend, I will be hard pressed to hold them to 10!! So, let’s get this rolling shall we?

laborday collage

  • An extra special (and early) Happy Hour on Friday (thanks to Steve taking the day off from work, which started our weekend off nicely!!) It included his AWESOME Buffalo Wings and a plethora of Americano’s
  • Estate Sale-ing (I can fondue, can you?)
  • Walking – LOTS of walking! Up hills and down!
  • Enjoying our repurposed fire pit – twice! Simple but effective!
  • Eating… so much eating. And drinking!
  • Reveling in a less humid, cooler atmosphere… ahhhh!
  • Game playing… Uno, Bananagrams, and Pass the Pigs, note… these things inspired so much laughter, perhaps we spend too much time adulting and not enough time caring for our inner child.
  • A minute amount of knitting, very minute.
  • Picking MORE tomatoes and raspberries! Holy produce!!
  • Thoroughly enjoying the Hummingbird Moth visits! So amazing!

That was my very full weekend! How about you? How was your weekend?

P.S. Sherman did an awful lot of this. I think he had a very good weekend too!



The End is Here

The End is Here

Today ends my Summer Knit-Along. As you can see, while I made some excellent progress on completions this summer, I did not get everything done.

Truly, I am okay with that.

I am still working on Triticum and I am farther than I was before the summer began. Plus, over the summer – I have shown myself that I can indeed knit socks that fit! So, I will forge ahead with those Pushkinia socks and have a nice new collection of socks for my feet for when the weather requires socks (which hopefully won’t be too soon!)

There was also some ripping out – yes Jen Lucas MKAL Shawl #2 was sent to the frog pond. It was a Knit Kon-mari casualty.

I am even more okay with that! Knitting that does not spark joy should not be knit. Really.

knitting collage

Done (in order of completion):

  1. Indigo Cones
  2. Aestlight Shawl
  3. Picot Socks
  4. Thistle Rambles
  5. Tales from the Isle of Purbeck
  6. Handspun Nahant
  7. Pincha
  8. Jen Lucas MKAL Shawl #1


  1. Triticum
  2. Pushinia Socks x 2

Totally Undone:

  1. Jen Lucas MKAL Shawl #2

Beyond all this knitting, it was a very good summer – and I especially enjoyed the participation of each of you! I loved seeing finished items pop up on Ravelry and I REALLY enjoyed the cocktails that were shared over the summer.

However, now I am strangely filled with a crazy urge to cast on all the things. Or, at least one or two new projects! And, despite all attempts to put summer into a permanent holding pattern, Christmas will be here all too quickly. I have to figure out who will be getting any Christmas knitting this year – ASAP!!

I hope your summer was everything you wanted it to be – and more!


Monday Lines

Monday Lines

It was a quiet weekend in my corner of the world. Quiet, hot, and muggy. Relief is in sight however, which is ironically forecast to arrive on Thursday – September 1st.

I think the weather gods are having a good laugh over this. But, really. I am so ready!

We picked volumes from our little garden – we picked some things that were not quite ripe, which turned out to be a very good thing when the deluge of rain hit last night. It was nice (not!) to leave us with a foggy steam bath this morning.

PicMonkey Collage

My list seems long today, however, I was up bright and early. Yogurt is at work in the Instant Pot, quick Roasted Raspberry Jam is done and cooling in a jar, and in moments these lovely tomatoes will be on their way to the most delicious jam ever.

I hope your weekend was filled with good things! Here is to lots lines crossing things off my list for this week… how about you?

I’ve Got You Covered

I’ve Got You Covered

Last night I achieved a goal I really never imagined I could reach – I finished reading Knitlandia, and with it completed my Summer BOTNS Book Bingo card.

Book Bingo Card

A cover all, people! Twenty-five books read in eighty-seven days!

There were good books, great books, amazing books, and some books that were not any of the above. In no particular order, I present my summer reading:

  1. Knitlandia – 4 stars (With a one-word title)
  2. To Kill a Mocking Bird – 5 stars (Published the year you were born)
  3. 81 Famous Poems – 4 stars (Poetry Collection
  4. She Stoops to Conquer – 4 stars (From the Harvard Classics 5-foot shelf)
  5. Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls – 4 stars (By or about a member of the LGBTQ community)
  6. It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons – 5 stars (BOTNS BOOK BINGO free square)
  7. Emma, Vol. 01 – 2 stars (Manga)
  8. Shear Spirit: Ten Fiber Farms, Twenty Patterns and Miles of Yarn – 4 stars (From the top shelf of one of your bookcases)
  9. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry – 3 stars (With a family member (wife, son, uncle, etc.) in the title)
  10. The Book Thief – 5 stars (Told by a child narrator)
  11. My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life – 5 stars (With food as the theme)
  12. The Inner Circle – 1 star (Hated by someone you know)
  13. Charlotte’s Web – 5 stars (A non-human main character)
  14. Doc – 3 stars (Western)
  15. The Summer Before the War – 4 stars (Most recently added to your TBR)
  16. Blue Lightning – 4 stars (Read another book by an author already used for this Bingo card)
  17. A Man Called Ove – 5 stars (Borrowed from the library)
  18. Hamilton: The Revolution – 4 stars (Nonfiction in graphic novel format)
  19. The Redbreast – 4 stars (A classic mystery)
  20. Still Life – 5 stars (Recommended by a librarian or bookseller)
  21. The Paris Architect – 5 stars (That you think you will dislike)
  22. The Goldfinch – 5 stars (With an animal on the cover on in the title)
  23. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood – 2 stars (Six words or more in the title)
  24. White Nights – 4 stars (Set in another country)
  25. The New Yorker – 5 stars (A literary magazine or journal of any genre)

This was a colossal undertaking for me. I have not been the most voracious reader in recent years, but this has truly brought my love for reading back to life! A huge thank you to Carole for talking about this all those many weeks ago – I would not have even known such a thing existed! It was a throwback to my youth and my local library summer reading programs!

And speaking of colossal – while nothing much looks fab in the gardens right now with much of it looking worn, weary, and burned out. Not so with the Coleus and the White Salvia we planted this year!! It is the King of the Garden right now and even the bees are paying homage!

That brings us to the linky portion of this post, enter at your own risk! You have been warned!

I will close with some incredible bloggy goodness, thanks to Kate Davies (who ALWAYS has the most phenomenal photos ever!) However, recently she shared some really incredible things:

That is all I have for you this week, the knitting continues – and last night I sat at my spinning wheel for the first time in almost a week! Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!


Knit-Konmari Washalong

Knit-Konmari Washalong

This post may be painful for some of you, and I understand that, believe me I do.

However, for me, as I did a serious reality check it became painfully clear that the number of knitted accessories I own far exceed the wearable day factor in any given year. Add to that my closet size and the idea of Knit-Konmari blossomed, thanks to Vicki.


I have two sweaters I wear with great regularity – they are going to the Soak Spa today. One vest will be joining them – it brightens my day considerably that my weight loss has improved its appeal and wear-ability tremendously!


However, one poor sad vest is in desperate need of some cosmetic surgery – in actuality, I wish it was 2 inches longer and I may be able to make this happen, however the colors would not be the same. So, here is my dilemma – take out the neck and sleeve bindings, remove about 2 inches from each side, and then knit some additional length to the bottom of the front and back, re-seam the sides, and then reknit the bindings in the new bottom colors? Thoughts? Additional ideas? Better ideas? I loved this vest, however the current fit makes it very sad.

sweater edits

Likewise, the Custom Fit sweater no longer is custom fit. Maybe it can become a Cardigan? But it needs the deletion of some fabric to fit again. I still have a good bit of the yarn I used, so I could modify it. (Perhaps doing something really out there and make it a cardigan with a nice shawl collar – idea thanks to someone sharing this on Slack) I have a good bit of leftover yarn (1.5 skeins!!) This might work, yes? Different or better ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Now, on to the Plethora of Knitted Accessories…

Keeper’s on their way to join The Sweaters at the Spa:


  1. Handspun shawls
  2. All Kirsten Kapur Designs
  3. My work horse shawl – Donegal Tweed Boneyard FTW
  4. Citron Grand
  5. Tales from the Isle of Purbeck
  6. My Rare Gem Pincha
  7. Aestlight
  8. Jen Lucas Mystery Shawl (that was just finished)
  9. Noro Clapotis
  10. Honey Cowls

The Land of Uncertainty:


  1. Litchfield – love the colors, but this is not easy to wear.
  2. Lion and Lamb Clapotis – this feels too big when I wear it, unless it is really cold out
  3. Beautiful – again, love the colors, but ease of wear is an issue.

Not Making the Grade, or Re-homing, recycling, re-purposing FTW:


  1. Luciole – I loved the pattern, but it is too small to wear so I frogged it yesterday, see above – yes I ripped the entire thing out. It was really quite painless. Now the yarn can become something new!
  2. Stripe Study – awkward design that I find unwearable. I am not sure if I will frog this or not…
  3. Echoes of Color – I like this but it is way too big, again making it unwearable.
  4. Color Affection – great colors, but not very wearable, and the knitting is not fabulous.
  5. Knit Night
  6. Saroyan
  7. Too big cowls
  8. Greyhound

This was a good exercise for me, although I am ashamed by the excess I found in pulling out all my hand knits. It was also a great wake up call the next time I want to knit a shawl – do I really need it or am I just bored and want a new project to knit.

Where are you in your knitting journey, Gentle Reader. Are you in need of some Knit-KonMari?

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