What perfect looks like…

What perfect looks like…

Spending the day enjoying the sights of West Michigan yesterday with StevoFC and I am happy to say that the weather cooperated from sunrise to sunset. A great breeze at the lake made for some wonderful shots.

It is days like this that I really love living so close to so much amazing beauty and seeing it “fresh” through the eyes of a friend make it even more special.

Below are a handful of my photos of the day, enjoy.

Laketown Beach


Meet Milli Vanilli

Meet Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanilli, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

The cat has a name!

While she truly loved all your suggestions, she answered to Milli and before the day was out Milli Vanilli stuck.

The naming process was obviously tiring… I caught her at nap time again!

In which there is actual knitting content!

In which there is actual knitting content!

Fire-y Hemlock Ring , originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

Please do not fall over from shock Gentle Reader, but on my knitting blog I present to you some actual knitting content!

I have finished Jared Flood’s Hemlock Ring Blanket and I am in love!
After a rough start, I frogged her and started again last month.

The second time is definitely the charm.

Once I solved the “bind off dilemma” and had her off the needles, I gave her a nice relaxing soak in a little Soak, pressed out all the excess water, and then I vigorously blocked her…with over 250 pins.

Binding off was truly a knitters challenge, I ended up with just a minuscule fraction of yarn left and truly could not have gone much longer at all. Knitty-Math truly can save your soul!

I will post some more pictures this week after she is gifted to her recipient.

Oh, and “the cat” has a name which shall be revealed shortly. I am working on trying to get a good photo of her for you all!

Red Sky at Night…

Red Sky at Night…

Red Sky at Night…, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

Friday was a whirl-wind day. I worked a split and had lunch with a friend whom I had not seen for far too long. Cabboy and I had lunch at the New Holland Brewery and was it good! Conversation and food were a welcome respite from an otherwise hectic day.

Later that night a big storm blew through Holland, and while we missed the brunt of the storms damage, it deposited a good amount of rain on us.

However, as I arrived home this lovely sunset was turning the sky red and this morning blue skies greeted me filled with big, fluffy clouds.

Here is hoping your weekend is just as rosy! Go out there and find something to delight in!

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