Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only

It was a full weekend here. Very full.

There was a lovely ushering in of the weekend on Friday, including the new edition to the Happiness Hour – the “Pig Out” Pig plate.


But, the best part of the weekend was the excitement and wonder of seeing Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine on Saturday when they made a campaign stop in Pittsburgh. While it was a LONG day. We got down to the Convention Center just before noon on Saturday and waited in line for about 2 hours before the doors opened so we could stand in another line. In all we waited, standing, for about 6 hours along with about 5000 others (and almost 2000 outside who did not get in). Wall to wall people and everyone was pleasant, polite, and cheerful. The.Entire.Time. It was nice seeing so many young people there, and even nicer to hear some of these young people speak! There was a nice “pre-game” show for Hillary – I got to hear some of the local politicians. And, Mark Cuban was there to announce his support for Hillary – he got the honor of introducing her to us.


It was so incredible to see her, and to be lucky enough to be about 15′ away from the podium so we could get some great photos.


It was a long day, but hearing her speak was worth every single minute of waiting.


Sunday was a bit quieter, I taught a friend how to knit a heel flap and gusset on her first pair of socks! (Thanks, Carole for your fantastic pattern which makes it so simple to teach! I just needed to do a bit of math to adjust to the number of stitches she cast on.) I hope a new sock knitter has been born. She is not a very confident knitter, and I am not quite sure how to foster this in her. She has knit a few top down sweaters (I know… how can she have no confidence??) but she struggles with many aspects of knitting. Anyway, I am hoping that she will gain some confidence in this project.

And, before I knew it, Sunday was over and with it the month of July. I am left wanting to put the brakes on summer and savor the days that seem to be racing by!


How was your weekend?

Knights in Shining Armor

Today there is celebration over the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee all across the world.

Great, Glorious, Shout it from the Mountain Tops Celebration!

I mean, after all, how often does your knight in shining armor fly in to secure your release from the ogre in the castle?

In addition, how often does the Knight secure your release and allow the Ogre to save face.

All in all, a very good day.

Add to all this Sock Summit ’09 begins tomorrow – a monumental week to be sure!

Surely, there are not enough knitted socks in the world – if there were, Ogres would not be so ogre-ish. More people would be spending more time talking to each other about the fab socks adorning each others feet and what new socks are in process! Knights in Shining Armor would not need to come to the aid of Damsels in Distress, they would come in search of the Holy Grail – hand knit socks to adorn their feet.

If you have not experienced the luxury of a hand knit sock on your foot you have not lived.

It is not hard; it just requires a small amount of determination, a simple pattern, some sock yarn, and some pointy sticks.

Won’t you join me in working towards World Peace – one hand knitted sock at a time?

Oh, and…

Welcome home Ladies!

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