Just One Sock and One Book

Just One Sock and One Book

Today is Yarn Along, and the light has finally appeared at the end of the reading tunnel! I finished Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo and I liked it a bit more than I did his first Harry Hole novel. Harry was not drowning in the bottom of a whiskey bottle this time, and again, I did not see the ending coming at all!


I should have Mink River done today!

I know, there may even be a bit of a dance of joy with its completion!

On the knitting front, Ann and Kay are having a little mini KAL through the end of the month – the goal to finish that “second sock” which is perfect, because I had finished the first Morwenstowe sock and had started the second one. Since the kickoff on Monday I have been knitting a bit each day and am on the heel flap! The heel should be turned today and then just cruising down the foot in the race to the toe! Perhaps, I can even get this dreaded pair of socks finished before month end.

Why dreaded you ask? Well, dark yarn on size zero needles makes for very difficult knitting. As in, I can only see clearly in bright sunlight to knit the damned things! No rainy day knitting or watching TV knitting with these socks!

Please note, that will only work if the Monsoon Season that has arrived (apparently to stay) in Western PA is replaced with some bright and sunny days.

I am not holding out much hope.

However, tomorrow I have some really fun and exciting news to share with you! I hinted at it last week, and tomorrow all shall be revealed!

Until then, Gentle Reader, what exciting things are you knitting or reading today?

Spinning and Wednesdays

Spinning and Wednesdays

It’s already Wednesday?? Does anyone else feel like this week is just flying by?! Here it is the week is almost half over, I still have lots of stuff on my “To Do” list. This is perhaps because my list this week is filled with things I really don’t like to do and I just cannot procrastinate about them any longer.

Yes, I am an expert at procrastination!

However, today is Yarn Along and I should be sharing what I am knitting and reading today, but I have been carding rolags to spin for a sweater. My basket was full of rolags and I started spinning yesterday, and have two equal bobbins that are ready for plying.

I also pulled out the November Sheepspot Fiber Club Coopworth roving and spun half of it up last night. I will ply it today and get the second half of the fiber spun up.

Beth shared a great post yesterday and her Instagram feed has been nagging me lately. I have a couple of fleeces that I need to get washed and she may have supplied me with the motivation to get it done! She certainly makes it look easy.

My reading has been in fits and spurts. I read nothing all weekend and have two books that I need to get finished so I can return them to the library. I am about halfway through both of them and it is really inexcusable that I have not finished them! I am a reading slacker!! But, we have more rain in the forecast so the outdoor gardening work is in a holding pattern so I think I will find time to get them finished this week.

The leaves of Pincha are growing slowly and I have a sock in the wings as well.

As you can see, I have plenty to keep me busy, but my list calls! What is nagging you on your list this week?

Reading with a side of knitting

Reading with a side of knitting

Wednesday, how I love you! You usher in the downhill ride to Friday while giving me a nice pause to review my week and refocus my priorities. And, you are also all about reading and knitting! Just ask Ginny!

I started this book yesterday and I am hoping to get some uninterrupted reading time today.

And these socks. I am enamored. The yarn is lovely, thank you Yvonne for the stellar recommendation.

How is your week progressing?

More reading, less knitting, some spinning

More reading, less knitting, some spinning

It’s Wednesday and that means Ginny is rounding up the knitters and the readers for her Yarn Along. I am about half way through Raven Black and I really want to get it finished today. I am not totally loving this book, but I have started it and I want to finish it. And, if you are looking for some titles to round out your reading list, yesterday’s 10 on Tuesday hosted by CaroleKnits was all about 10 books that make you D.E.A.R. and the participants all had fantastic book lists – if you are looking for a book to read, head on over there and you will be sure to find a more than a few good reads!

On the knitting front – I seem to have stalled on knitting projects recently. I still have socks in the works, but I have been kind of aimlessly casting on, knitting a few rows, and ripping out. Swatching that is not working – pattern and yarn are not loving each other.

However, this swatching is working out beautifully. My sample is knitting up nicely. I should have this done and washed today. I won’t know that my yarn will match and work completely until I have washed it. Once I am certain that my handspun will work, I will be back carding the Shetland to get ready to spin. This week is supposed to be lovely here and yesterday afternoon saw the completion of the Pergola – and we both lived to tell about it!! I will have pictures later this week, but it will make the perfect place to card that Shetland!

I have been putting the waste wool from the carding process out for the birds, because they don’t think it is waste at all! In fact, they are gleefully snatching it up to line their nests! I know this because of the war we are having with Mr. Robin (who every year wants to build his nest around the light on our porch) thus far, we are winning, but the collection of nesting materials that the wind is blowing all over includes bits of papers from the neighborhood, sticks, grasses, and my wool waste! I would love to let him stay, but the first year he abandoned the nest due to our activity – this is the only door out to our back yard, which we use multiple times a day. I am hoping that our spending more time outdoors will move his efforts to a more suitable place.

And, speaking of Shetland/UK – Ann and Kay are in search of the Knitter’s Holy Grail – Kay is knitting a Kaffe Fassett design and Ann has cast on a Jade Starmore sweater. A knitter’s battle for the ages and a rabbit hole for this knitter to avoid! However, it will be fun to see these projects progress. Kay wants to wear hers to Rhinebeck! What say you Ann? Will you wear yours too? While I might have pulled out my Alice Starmore book, I am in no means jumping on this bandwagon. I have other sweater dreams dancing in my head!

Anyways, enough rambling for today – I have a book to read! Tell me – what knitting successes are you having?!

Stop, Drop, and Read

Stop, Drop, and Read

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
– C. S. Lewis

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is a special one in honor of Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday and Drop Everything and Read Day! Carole wants to know:

10 Books That Made YOU Want to Drop Everything and Read

Oh, man. How to choose! I am going to do a bit of a different take on this and go with my top 10 authors, which will still be almost impossible to narrow down, but I will try!

  1. E. B. White – Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and The Trumpet of the Swan. Three fantastic books that I just devoured. More. Than. Once.
  2. Laura Ingalls Wilder – The Little House Series. I have read these books dozens of times. Really. Dozens.
  3. C. S. Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia, The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity – books that transformed my life as a child and an adult.
  4. Mario Puzo – The Godfather, Fools Die, The Sicilian, The Last Don. Gritty novels that grab you from the very first sentence and don’t let you go even after you are done reading them!
  5. Hugh Howey – The Wool Omnibus. Science Fiction at its best.
  6. Tom Rob Smith – The Child 44 Trilogy, The Farm – a new to me writer who writes a fantastic novel!
  7. Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games Trilogy. LOVED! Such great writing. I devoured these books and could not wait to start the next one!
  8. J.K. Rowling – The Harry Potter Series. These I loved with my children. We read them together, or sometimes out loud, or sometimes impatiently waited for each other to finish them!
  9. Jussi Adler-Olsen – The Department Q Series. I simply adore Carl Morck and his imperfect but lovely manner.
  10. Dan Jones – The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England is the only book of his I have read, but it was absolutely fantastic. I read this with a boss as we drove to a conference. We did not want to stop!
  11. Diana Gabaldon – The Outlander Series. The first “romance” novels that I actually liked! I am adding this one as a bonus because season 2 of Outlander just started! If you have not read these – you should! They are so good!!

There are so many others I could add here – stories by that expert story-teller, Garrison Keillor; yarny tales shared by the Yarn Harlot; those lovely letters that EZ wrote from Schoolhouse Press; anything that Ernest Hemingway put to paper; the vivid poetry of Pablo Neruda – things that make you lose track of your day and get lost in the words of their world.

There you have my list – some timeless, some classic, some new literature – all incredible. Today is all about reading, so tell me what makes you D.E.A.R.???

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