Sometimes Monday | 11.20.23

Sometimes Monday | 11.20.23

Brings a few small celebrations!

Celebration One… Sherman’s ear is ON THE MEND! (it is not 100% yet… but we still have a few more days of drops and pills and we see the vet again on Friday so I am hopeful that he has turned a corner!)

Celebration TWO… The Starter… she has risen!! (Now, she has not doubled in size, but I live in hope that today she might!) I have begun looking for bread recipes… so if any of you have a favorite, I’d love if you’d share it!

Celebration Three… we will have no water for most of today, thanks to the water company doing some major repairs. This means Monday Laundry has been postponed until later this week! LOL

And there you have my Monday Celebrations. What about you? Are you celebrating anything this Monday?

See you all back here on Wednesday with some unraveling!



Sometimes Monday | 11.20.23

Sometimes Monday | 10.9.23

Has an extra-big list!

Yes, that is what my Monday is looking like. My list is long… as it looks like it will be much cooler this week than we anticipated. So just to be safe, I am prepping some warmer coats, hats and yes… mittens! Ha! My mantra is there is no bad weather only bad clothing choices! I am also making the suggestion to Steve that he pack some things to keep warm and maybe this year he will listen! Ha!

On top of my usual Monday List,  I am thinking about Indigenous People’s Day and I looked over the weekend for a list of books to read…and yay New York Public Library! Of course they have a list! I have read some of the books, but there were a good number I have not!

Finally, Israel is also very much on my mind this morning.

Now, I better get to that long list! See you all back here on Wednesday!

Sometimes Monday | 11.20.23

Sometimes Monday | 9.11.23

I pondered posting today because I don’t really have anything significant to contribute. In my pondering I wondered if a pandemic that has killed so many has somehow diluted the impact of what happened 22 years ago. Perhaps today’s significance is more personal – not that I lost someone 22 years ago – but rather because I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the news down to the very minute.

However, life moves on but it does not mean we forget…not that horrible day 22 years ago or the long slow march of COVID. Rather it means we are living and hopefully fully living each and every day.

So sometimes Monday is for remembering… and living. And perhaps cleaning out my painting space with a sigh of relief that one small brown dog seems to be doing a bit better.

See you all back here on Wednesday!

Sometimes Monday | 5.22.23

Sometimes Monday | 5.22.23

is a good day to check in with myself…

Why? Well it really feels like May is racing by much too quickly! And thanks to our brief, but spectacular, vacation there was no “Welcome May” post and so I am feeling a bit adrift this month. I have accomplished much…


Yes, that but has been hanging over me… leaving me with that feeling that I am forgetting something important. What? I have no idea, but I feel a bit off… so today I am gathering all the loose ends.

Cold weather clothing will be carefully tucked away (the last wintry sweaters will be washed today!)

Next, I have several lingering knitting projects that need to have a plan. I will sort them, figure out where I am, and I am feeling a bit of a Summer Knit to get them all done. Stay tuned… I hope to have an update on Wednesday!

Then comes the Great Catch Up on Temperature Circles… I got a bit behind thanks to that vacation and I have about 22 days to get myself current… so just all.of.May, LOL.

Along with the ‘regularly scheduled’ Monday things means my list is FULL!

How about you? What does your Monday feel like?



Sometimes Monday | 11.20.23

Sometimes Monday | 4.10.23

is focused on the search for calm.

I confess, I did some rage knitting over the weekend… which resulted in the finishing of my Handspun Sweater. It is getting a good soak and needs a few ends woven in, but I think it will be ready for the big reveal on Wednesday.

This morning, I am ignoring the mundane and instead have painting front and center… watercolor painting, that is! It is the one sure thing that will get me out of my head, and after the weekend’s news… I need that!

See you all back here on Wednesday with a NEW SWEATER!

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