Macro Monday | 6.3.19

Macro Monday | 6.3.19

Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly. – Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

I would like to say I am excited to join with Carole and Vicki in Macro Monday’s – but excited is not quite the correct word, and though I am very excited to be participating with them the better word for my photography is hopeful…as in I am hopeful that my macro photography will improve as the weeks pass.

Macro photography is hard, and I am on the bottom of the learning curve – the very bottom!

Friday’s tries were not fantastic – I think it was just too sunny (Really?? With all the rain this week, I never imagined I’d be saying those words!)  I did, however, start to get a feel for the settings necessary for macro photography. (There is so much I just don’t understand about all the numbers of photography, but I did find this really great video which gives a good breakdown of Macro Photography – in mostly ‘layman’s’ terms!)

If only the bees had been still!

Saturday morning’s tries were a bit better – and I am reminded that early morning light is really a photographer’s best friend! It was misty, and cool, and damp, and virtually breezeless – and my practice improved ever so slightly – as did my understanding of my camera settings.

This was my favorite of the photos – and while there is lots not right with it – I did manage to capture the beads of water tremulously hanging from the Coleus leaf!

Sunday was just too windy to do any practicing, but I am hopeful that this week will give me lots of opportunities! And, so I am sharing the “best of” my photos from the weekend. I can see incremental – albeit small – improvement. I hope your weekend was the same will each day improving upon the last!

Have a good Monday!

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