A Week of Gratitude | 11.22.22

A Week of Gratitude | 11.22.22

Today’s things I am grateful for are things I have absolutely no control over, but that does not mean I feel less gratitude about them!

Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart. ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart
  • This weeks weather…there has been an abundance of sunshine and more for today and tomorrow! And!! The mild(er) temps to accompany the sunshine. I am doubly grateful because these things (sunshine and milder temps) will make putting out the lights much easier!

  • Speaking of lights, it was an absolute joy to watch my neighbors grown grandchildren come and put out their Christmas lights! They were as delighted to do this task as their grandparents had watching them do it! Bonus gratitude, seeing those twinkling lights lit up last night!
  • And my final out-of-my-control thing I am grateful for is that Steve is working from home all week. (Reason why? Well, they had a bit of a COVID Super Spreader Event at his office and so… back to work from home!) No, I am not grateful that people are sick… but I am grateful that Steve is, thus far, not sick and home!

There you have it… three things I am grateful for that are entirely out of my control! What about you? How do you look at those things you can’t control?

See you tomorrow with some Unraveled Gratitude!

Unrelated but relevant

Unrelated but relevant

Oh, Tuesday – I have nothing today so I am hoping that if I just start writing inspiration will hit.

This weather has been exactly what my annuals like – they are growing like mad and are all showy and beautiful.

The perennials are at the “in between” stage and I am looking for things that will bloom later in the summer to add in next year. Although, the Foxglove looks a bit bedraggled, it is still blooming.

Our Butterfly Bush is spectacular this year and it is taller than our pergola!

Audiobooks have been the best thing this summer. I have listened to so many great books by great narrators. Currently, I am listening to The Help and I am enjoying it – although, perhaps enjoying is not the best way to describe a painful novel however, the narration is superb.

Steve bottled his third batch of beer yesterday and on a related note, since the beer brewing began weight loss has been in a holding pattern. Steve says this is unrelated, but I think it is very relevant!

That is all I have for this Tuesday – I am going to try making these this morning. I will let you know how they turn out!

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