The Madness of Monday

The Madness of Monday

The weekend was over far too quickly, which seems to be a theme in the blog world. Of course, losing an hour did not help. But, it was packed full of good things here at Casa del Katknits…

Things like Friday Happy Hour, which was extra good since Steve made wings.

And, martini’s, of course.

And, there was spinning, or more specifically – plying this gorgeous Dorset Down roving from Sheepspot.

There was knitting and the short rows are getting longer and I am closer to binding off! Which is good because Easter

There was also lots and lots of basketball, which facilitated the knitting and spinning. Which brings me to Monday Madness and getting my brackets set, and trying to get my internal clock reset.

Pass the coffee, please.

Right Now

Right Now

Konmari: In my office, the place I have resisted long enough. This is daunting and more than a little scary because, this will involve a realistic look at yarn and fiber – a painful task to be sure. But, I will gird my loins and face the lions today! I am determined to be a conqueror! Hopefully…

Entirely Over: Politics! When did politics become an eternal process? How many debates do we really need? Especially when the same things are said over, and over, and over, and over. And this is not something that is one-sided, both parties are guilty! In my opinion, this is the most undemocratic process ever. It feels more like we have all somehow been banished to some horrid Political Hell!

Knitting: The serious assessment of projects is taking place and today ushers in Yarn Reclamation Day – yes, that is right, Gentle Reader, some projects will be taking a trip to the FROG Pond. Thank you Kym for the tender recommendation. Things not heading to the Frog Pond are this and this which I hope to finish this weekend!

Listening: I am catching up today with Serial and Morning on the Dock, and if I am still not done with the demolition, err, KonMari activities, then Diana Krall Radio on Pandora will be my support.

Anticipating: The new season of House of Cards, which is coming out March 4 and the new season of Happy Valley which will be available mid-March. Garrison Keillor’s last broadcast from the Fitzgerald Theatre tomorrow night.

Enjoying: Periscope’s with fun and useful information – Thank you Ysolda and Sonya for these amazing little mini lessons to break up my day and inspire my creativity!

Planning: A week of sewing with plans of getting some new pillows done for the living room, also, another Dress #2 and pair number one of Pants #1!

That’s it for today, have a good weekend everyone! See you all back here on Monday!

The View From Here

The View From Here

Reading: A Malmö Midwinter: An Inspector Anita Sundström Novella by Torquil MacLeod – it should be a quick read. Should being the operative word. But, I have been falling asleep almost immediately upon getting into bed. This might frustrate me, however, since Insomnia has been on an apparent vacation, I will take the sleep while I can get it!

Knitting (and spinning): I cast on Hop Brook by Bonnie Sennott with some handspun Dorset Down. I am about half way through and I carded the remainder of the fiber to spin this weekend. I am also in the home stretch for Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Socks – just the toes to go and I will be done!


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