Weekend Monday’s

Weekend Monday’s

A Monday that is still the weekend is all kinds of awesome in my book!

So far, my weekend has been practically perfect in every way: the annuals have been planted into the various containers, there has been lots of grilling (i.e. I have not been doing much cooking), and yesterday morning we headed out for a long-ass walk which we are repeating again this morning, and while there has been the threat of rain it did not materialize until late last night – all in all it has been a glorious weekend.

How about some Literary Links for a Monday?

Book Riot shared this most disturbing news yesterday. Perhaps all you can take a few moments to send off a little love letter to your elected officials and let them know that you think it is a very bad idea to give any powers at all the illiterate dolt in the White House.

Need some help filling squares for your Summer Book Bingo card? Goodreads to the rescue with this list of the most popular books for the past 100 years.

For the total bibliophile: 8 Literary Shower Curtains to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Library

There you go, Gentle Readers! Have an awesome extended weekend and, spend a few moments reflecting today.

A Sunny Start

A Sunny Start

Bright and sunny Monday’s are never a bad thing and this morning was really a glorious start to the week.

This is good because after the weekend of indulging in Cinco de Mayo foods and beverages (and yes – weekend! And, there are still leftovers!), I am in desperate need to take a nice, long, extremely brisk walk this morning!

Did you all catch President Obama receiving the Profile in Courage Award last night? His speech was, as usual, amazing! If you missed it you can watch it in its entirety here.

I also have one long-ass list of stuff to get done this week…

So, with my list in hand – I am off and running! Hope your Monday is amazing!

Sweet Monday

Sweet Monday

It was really a great weekend with some must do things and some fun things – good balance is the key in all things, right?

A big high point for the weekend was the first trip of the year to Janoski’s and the local asparagus was in so of course we loaded up! They also loaded us up with some “free for the taking” hyacinths which were still blooming beautifully! I cut the top-heavy ones off to sweeten my office. They will be planted in the garden along with the paperwhites from January. But, that fragrance! It is so heady. I really love it!

The lilac bush has burst into a tiny bit of color, but the most amazing thing is all the new shoots that came up this year! Great job to Steve from snatching it from the trash pile – it took three years of nurturing, but I think it is going to make it!

I started the MDK KAL on Friday and sadly, by Saturday I knew these colors had issues. They aren’t playing well together at all. To my eye, it looks muddy and even though I love both yarns individually, together…. not so much. So, by Sunday Plan B was hatched and wound and cast on. I will be joining Mary on the One-Color Yarn Bus. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This is some of my oldest stash that was procured eons ago at the Michigan Fiber Festival (I think it was the first one I ever attended!) Anyway, the colorway is Basil and I think it will work.

I cannot see the stitch pattern at all in the two color version.

Muddy, even in black and white

We even got a tiny bit of work done in the garden as well and that feels so good! There is plenty more to do, but the work has begun.

How was your weekend?

Holding On

Holding On

I, like these determined little leaves, am holding on to November for dear life!

December is looming large and I am not ready for all the Christmas things quite yet!

Add to that the feeling that this year has just gone by far too quickly and I am very happy to revel in the last few days of November.

The weekend was quiet, but very good. There was lots of eating, some knitting, some movie watching with Steve, and a bit of heartbreaking football (this was not the quiet portion of the weekend by any means!) and even a walk or two for good measure.

Now, I am off to get outdoors and take a nice long, head-clearing walk! How was your weekend?

Monday in Brief

Monday in Brief

The weekend was oh so nice.

And, then comes Monday…

Therefore, rather than dealing with Monday and all its Monday-ness, I am going to just relive the weekend.

Perhaps it will make Monday just a bit shorter, which is always a good thing!

The weather was divine. Clear, sun-filled, blue skies – which made the crisp weather so much more palatable!

As you can see in the photo above, the leaves are almost all gone from our tree in the front yard. BONUS in that Steve raked (or used some motorized device) and removed them all while I was at church on Sunday. I know. YAY!!!


I made the most amazing martinis on Friday, and I mean amazing. With gin. Yes, gin!! And, for my Michigan pals – Grand Traverse Distillery Barrel Finished Gin is TO DIE FOR! Anyways, a dirty gin martini with a Gorgonzola stuffed olives…I think I heard angels singing as I sipped it. It was such a special moment.


We visited our favorite farmer – Jose Quiroz Farms for his last week at our local Farmers Market. This week, in his words, he will be heading back to “where all those bad hombres are”. And, really – that statement is just so sad for so many reasons. It is my fervent hope that the candidate who won’t build a wall will win the election tomorrow. Because, really – we need Jose’s friendship and his produce in our lives.


I did some knitting – I finished a hat for Steve’s mom. We can be fraternal twins when we vote on Tuesday. And, yes – I am wearing my hat to vote! I also got to the sleeve decreases on Rock the Lobster! All this production knitting was courtesy of Michigan Football! 8-0 people, 8-0!!!

I started a new “record keeping system” for spinning. We will see if this works before I share all the details with you. However, I am so hopeful!

There was a wee bit of retail therapy – and new and SMALLER jeans were procured! Only one pair though, I am hoping they last at least through the end of January.

And, there was one extra hour!!

Finally, a reading update:

The Year of Living Danishly – 5 stars. I simply loved this book. I laughed, I learned, and I yearn! Things I learned: I am probably not neat enough to live in Denmark (but I might be able to fake it until I make it?) I want to have hygge in my life – and I think it might be the perfect thing to make winter better! I think that arbejdsglæde or work happiness is fascinating – and, really, who would not like an 18-and-a-half-day work month? I would have to step it up to “fit in” fitness-ly speaking – they are an exercising nation! They are also recycling fanatics, like I am, and they love to sing! And, they do Christmas right, and they start early – so yes, please – sign me up! I highly recommend this book!

The Girl on the Train – 2 stars. I thought the book had some great moments, however, the entire book was so disjointed. Perhaps my problem was listening, because if I was reading, I could easily flip back to figure out what was going on. That was not so easy listening to it. Sadly, I do not recommend this book.

He Who Fears the Wolf (Inspector Konrad Sejer Book 3) – 3 stars. I liked it, but it was not fascinating reading. Although, I did not know who “did it” until the end, the writer did not show the work that Inspector Sejer did to figure it out. I am on the fence as to whether or not I will read any more of her books at this time. My recommendation is read at your own risk.

That is all I have for today, but what I really want to know is how was your weekend?


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