Wooden It Be Lovely

Wooden It Be Lovely

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means!

Carole has a list for us to share of 10 things and this week it is all about wood, that’s right:

10 Favorite Things You Have That Are Made Out of Wood


Well, this is kind of fun – at first I read this and thought it said 10 things I HAD made of wood. Perhaps a bit more challenging, especially since I am a knitter, not a wood worker! I was actually wondering if putting IKEA furniture together would work! LOL

But, re-reading on a Monday is always a good thing!

This list is easy and fun as I have long been a collector of antiques – especially wood and painted wood. Now, you will get a tiny view of my favorite things that grace our home!

I love beautiful wood. – Billy Mays

  1. The tiger maple dining room table, designed by me and built by a lovely and extremely talented, but sadly – too soon gone friend Bob Hampson. I truly love this table, even though it is a trifle on the large side for this house!
  2. The walnut table my grandpa made when he was in high school.
  3. The blue painted step-back cupboard.
  4. The painted armoire (that Bob made shelves for out of antique boards – many of the antiques came to my house thanks to Bob) which now is in my office. The dentil molding is particularly spectacular.
  5. The side-board in the dining room that serves as our bar.
  6. The antique Irish scrubbed pine dough bowl. Although it is more of a “trough” that a bowl!
  7. The antique Irish scrubbed pine cheese board.
  8. My Schacht Matchless spinning wheel – not an antique, yet
  9. The antique turned candle sticks
  10. The antique mahogany tobacco box

There you have it, Gentle Reader, my Wooden 10 on Tuesday!

P.S. You will see some changes to the blog in the coming days in celebration of my 10 year blog-iversary this month.

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