Knitting Anticipation

Knitting Anticipation

There has not been a lot of knitting around here this week. However, there has been a good deal of knitting anticipation.

Like this, and this. Knitting ennui has been vanquished!

But, I hope to have the Honey Cowl done later today. I only have about an inch more to knit, so that is entirely doable!

There has been a good deal of reading though, thanks to Audiobooks and a bit of insomnia.

I finished listening to Clara read Knitlandia and I really enjoyed it in this format!

I began listening to The Girl on the Train, I am not yet sure how I feel about this book as I just began yesterday.

I finished The Murder of Harriet Krohn by Karin Fossum. (I am not reading these in order, which I may come to regret) It was a curious way to write a murder mystery. I won’t say more as to not share any spoilers, but I am not sure I really liked the manner in which the story unfolded.

Last night, I began reading He Who Fears the Wolf by the same author. I think that I will like this book a bit more than Harriet Krohn.

I have not gotten much farther in The Year of Living Danishly as I haven’t had any time to sit down to read during the day at all. I hope to correct that before this week is over. I need to get it finished, because it is due back to the library (always a good incentive to sit down and read!)

Do you have any “must finish” books this week?

Socktacular Success – At Last

Socktacular Success – At Last

After spending the weekend in Knitting Time out (both me and the sock!) I ripped back on Monday and started the process of adding more inches to the Sock of Doom.

I fearfully began the decreases and stopped. There would be NO MORE RIPPING of this sock. I waited for the Large Footed Recipient to get home from work and try it on before I went any farther.

Sock One is done. Now all I need to do is cast on for the second one.

Perhaps a queuing up of the Gilmore Girls on Netflix (which, by the way, I never watched…) will make the second sock less painful than the first.

In the reading department, I have two books in the finished column:

  1. Ashes in My Mouth, Sand in My Shoes by Per Petterson
  2. The Shepherd’s Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape by James Rebanks

I loved both of them! They were dynamically different but each were fantastic reads. I highly recommend both of them.

I am listening to Clara read Knitlandia to me; I am about halfway through and I am thoroughly enthralled!

I begun The Year of Living Danishly and I also started reading another Karin Fossum novel – The Murder of Harriet Krohn. No thoughts on either yet as I am just a few pages in on both.

However, the reading might have to wait because on my task list for today is to turn these beauties into an oven roasted applesauce.

What’s on your agenda today?

Back to Work Blues

Back to Work Blues

The vacation is over and believe me when I tell you it just went too fast, but more on that later.

Today, I am here to share a bit of knitting and lots of reading.

Sadly, there was little knitting done on vacation, but I did get manage to get through the color work and the short rows on Rock the Lobster! I think I am going to switch things up and do the sleeves next. Yes, I am taking some good advice and getting them done and out of the way!

I am also still knitting these socks. I have about 3 inches to go before toe decreases on sock one.


However, I have a couple of good Audiobooks queued up – Clara Parkes Knitlandia (which I have already read, but having her read it is something I have been looking forward to!) and Per Petterson Ashes in My Mouth, Sand in My Shoes. Perhaps, this can help me get my knitting back in gear!


I also received a book I won from Stephanie of WoolythymeElizabeth Hay Late Nights on Air, which came with a lovely card and tea! Thank you so much Stephanie!! I am eager to read this and then pay it forward.

I did finish two books on vacation – Karin Fossum Don’t Look Back and Jussi Adler-Olsen The Hanging Girl – I loved both of them! Karin Fossum is a new author I discovered and it was a book I could not put down. A quick and easy read that kept me engaged from start to finish. The Hanging Girl is the most recent Department Q novel – Carl Morck’s team has really become a well working unit and the book might be my favorite for that reason.

And, now a pile of work awaits me, but tell me please – what have you finished reading or knitting this week?

As always, linking up with Ginny and her Yarn Along!

Knitting Slogs

Knitting Slogs

slog /släɡ/ verb 1. work hard over a period of time. synonyms: grind, slave, plod, toil

For me, Sleeve Island is the slog of sweater knitting. The slowest part of the entire process (although maybe not for this sweater – it all has been slow going!!)

However, in working the  K1P1 shawl collar on my modified pullover I may have discovered the other slog of knitting. These rows are LONG!

Conversation from last night:

Steve: When will that be done?

Me: I think I need 15 more rows…

Steve: How long will that take?

There’s a confidence booster for you! Haha! Just so it is written down somewhere, my goal is to have this DONE before we leave on vacation.

Perhaps, Inspector Gamache can help!

Teaming up with Ginny and the Yarn Along today where you can find plenty of production on the knitting and reading front!

What is your knitting slog?

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