Lists, Knitting, and Reading

Lists, Knitting, and Reading

Earlier this week I felt very overwhelmed by my To-do list, but I finally feel like I am getting on top it today! I made raspberry jam again, and will probably be able to pick enough berries to make one more pint. I have had a number of questions about what jam recipe I am using. I am using Nigella Lawson’s recipe that The Spendid Table shared on their site. The first batch I made was really raspberry syrup – it did not set at all. Subsequent batches, I made some changes. I follow the recipe exactly, and after I have combined the sugar into the berries, I add the zest of one lemon and the juice of half a lemon. It is the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, the lemon zest adds a lovely brightness, and the juice is the perfect pectin boost needed for it to become jam.

I also made more peach preserves and roasted a couple of bushels of peppers. I will make some pesto also this week. And, maybe something with all the cherry tomatoes…

My reading this week has been extremely varied – I finished listening to David Sedaris Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. And, I am still reading The Hanging Girl and still enjoying Carl Morck and Department Q! Comedy and Mystery – joys for the opposite sides of your brain! You know, kind of like math and music.

Up next in my ears – Book Two of Inspector Gamache – A Fatal Grace.

I have been plodding along on my Altered Custom Fit sweater – these are some LONG rows and it is not a very portable project. So, it has been relegated to TV knitting when we watch at night.

I have not been knitting much on Triticum but my plan is to get back to this today and try to get the second front done so sleeves can begin. I think this is very doable and it will be the perfect laundry companion!

I also broke down and cast on a new project and got quite a bit done of the yoke. I am about half way through the charts. Thus far, the marriage of handspun yarn with the Briar Rose Fibers yarn is harmonious. This project is reminding me how much I love color work. To me, it is a bit like painting – I feel so inspired while I knit that it is hard to put it down.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

No New Projects Yet…

No New Projects Yet…

Happy Wednesday in a goofed up week, because I think it really feels like Tuesday today.

That being said, the weekend is one day closer and that is not a bad thing.


This week I have this incredible urge to knit sweaters! Ravelry and a certain blog are not helping in this urge but I am plugging away on my repurposed Custom Fit That No Longer Fit Pullover Turned Cardigan. In the game of picking up stitches it is always a challenge to get the perfect balance between too few vs. too many stitches, I lost the first round (in the too few category) so I ripped back and started over again. This time looks much better which reinforces that you do indeed win some and lose some! Also, this pro-tip might be of some help in the Crochet Steek Category. I did not find this on any website or blog, however, with my Steeked Stopover – I noted a bit of flaring of the steeked edges. I followed instructions to crochet in each stitch along the edge. I noted this same occurrence in this sweater, so I crocheted in 3 out of every 4 stitches. This gave me a much neater edge with no waviness. I likewise picked up less to begin the sweater bands, but I did not need to do so – I should have been smart enough to figure that out. However, I hope this tip helps you in your future sweater projects!

I am also working on finishing Triticum and I am really itching to cast on some new things. I am trying to hold off, but I am not sure I will win that battle. The sweaters are just calling to me, what can I say.

I finished listening to LaRose, and while I finished it I really have mixed feelings about it. I loved the detailed storytelling, but it really surrounded a devastating story. I am still troubled by parts of it.

However, this week I am back to a story that I truly do not want to end – The Secrets of Mary Bowser. I have just a few chapters left and I am entirely enthralled with the story. I think Mary is a wonder and as the tale expands I am more in love with her. She is a true heroine!

I am also reading book six (The Hanging Girl) of the Department Q Series – so, so good! I just adore Carl Morck!

That is all I have for this mixed up day – and as usual, I am joining Ginny and her Yarn Along.

What are you itching to cast on?

Knitting and Reading ADD

Knitting and Reading ADD

The inability to be monogamous to knitting has always been an issue for me.

However, now the library is encouraging the same tendencies in my reading. I have been ardently listening to The Secrets of Mary Bowser, with LaRose waiting in the wings. However, LaRose is due back soon and there is a LONG wait list so I cannot renew.

So, Mary must wait while I have a LaRose marathon. I am not quite halfway though and I am not sure how I feel about the story. However, I won’t spoil any surprises for those who have not yet read it.

And, my Knitting ADD is strong – as you can see.


Triticum has one repeat and I can bind off for the shoulder – then I have a few repeats of the lace pattern only. Then I will be on sleeve island, thankfully these will not be long sleeves (as this is all the yarn I have).


I completed one sock and will cast on the second sock sometime this week.


Cladonia grows slowly and I am in love with this tweedy yarn.

Joining up with Ginny for her Yarn Along today.

Knitting, listening, and pondering

Knitting, listening, and pondering

I am scraping the bottom of my Summer Knitting basket and have finally pulled out Triticum to finish it up. I have begun the arm decreases on the right front, so I should have this piece done soon and then just two sleeves stand between me and a new sweater! I think it is a stretch to think I will get this done by Labor Day, but who knows, perhaps some Slow TV on Netflix will help me get it done!

I have been listening to The Secrets of Mary Bowser while I work in the mornings and I am really enjoying it. I am not quite halfway through it but I hope to have it done this week. Up next is LaRose, which I am very eager to get to! Also, I am still not done with Knitlandia…

I have been gathering together my knits to get them washed, and while I am doing this I am pondering their future – do they stay or do they go? Knit Kon-Mari is coming soon!

As always, joining with Ginny and her Yarn Along today!

Knitting Detours

Knitting Detours

I really wanted to get my Pincha done yesterday, but a friend called and I was encouraged to take a Yarn Shop Detour. We wanted to visit Natural Stitches before they close in September and since it is not far from Yarns by Design, we stopped there too! There was lots of good conversation and a fantastic lunch, but not much knitting got done! There was some minor stash enhancement, including some fun yarn to knit a hat for a certain special little girl! It was a fun detour for the day, however, today I am back on track with just one last feather to finish on my Pincha.

I got the loveliest surprise in the mail yesterday, an incredibly thoughtful gift from a Twitter friend – Thank you so much, Jean!

On the reading front, I will finish with To Kill a Mockingbird this week, and my last book for a Bingo Cover All is Knitlandia, which I think will be the perfect way to finish my summer reading.

I am listening to The Secrets of Mary Bowser by Lois Leveen and I am enjoying it tremendously!

Linking up with Ginny and the Yarn Along today.

How is your summer knitting and reading going?

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