I have made an amazing and truly unbelievable discovery this week all in the knitting of a Plain Vanilla Pair of Socks

This may actually be the Cure for World Peace and the Answer to getting all of the Politicians in Washington to come to a realistic consensus on Health Care.


Hand spun yarn makes hand knit socks like nobody’s business!

I have knit socks, plenty of them. Moreover, I have, like many of my fellow knitters, suffered from “Second Sock Syndrome.” Yes, I have struggled through knitting one solo sock and said lonely sock never gets its mate. I have completed pairs of socks for my children. For gifts. Kind of a Motherly Penance, as it was, to knit both socks.

No longer.

I have discovered the joy in knitting yarn that is neither harsh on your fingers, splitty, nor exhibits any splotches of unsightly color pooling.

You see, Gentle Reader, when you spin your own yarn, you can control the twist, the fiber, and your color runs!

End result…

One pair of indie dyed, spun by me Blue-faced Leicester pair of socks with gradually changing colors…

Yes, my feet are feeling the love.

Now, to figure out a hiding place so my kids do not find them…

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