My Bodacious Leader has again posed a question to all those in pursuit of becoming bodacious, “What activity that I do (or did, or want to do) gives me unbridled, gleeful joy? What’s my “thing?”

Miss Janey goes even further and compels us not to be shy or embarrassed, to share our joy liberally!

All right then, without further adieu I present to you all that which gives me great joy:

The List of Joy

  1. Knitting – this is of course first on the list.
  2. Talking with Stevo – thank God for my BFF!
  3. Cooking – so I can do #4
  4. Eating.
  5. Thought provoking conversation.
  6. Learning something new.
  7. My kids.
  8. Listening to music.
  9. Spinning – yes, I like spinning – however my real love is #1.
  10. Change.

So there you have it, ten items that bring me great joy, now you tell me – what brings you joy!

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