Welcome to the first Tuesday of 2016!

New Year, New 10 on Tuesday!

Carole has given us the lovely task this week to share the following:

List 5 things you want to do less in the new year and 5 things you want to do more

less is more

I spent a great deal of time thinking about my resolutions this year, so this list will hopefully clarify them for me.

I want to weigh less, so I need to MOVE more! Easy in theory, right? It is the practice where I fall down on this one. In order to achieve this, I am going to schedule moving time in my daily planner. I will keep you posted how this works!

I want to keep eating less processed foods and focus even more on healthier meals, which I hope will help with weighing less and moving more!

I want to be less of a consumer and more of a maker. I think I did pretty well in 2015, but this year I want to add some new things like hand stitching.

I want less clutter and more organization in my life, so I need to implement some Kon-Mari and how!

And, lastly – I want there to be much less complaining in my life and the best place to start is with more gratitude in my life. Hopefully this will be contagious to those around me, and if it does not then may my gratitude blind me to the complainers around me!

There you have it, Gentle Reader, my less to be more for 2016!

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