This week’s Think Write Thursday discussion with Carole gave birth to this week’s topic of discussion: We’re starting to feel like this whole Think Write Thursday thing isn’t going so well. Participation isn’t high and it’s been dropping off steadily for the last little while. We don’t want anyone to feel bad or guilty about not playing along – your blog, your rules! – but we are hoping we can revamp things a bit and kickstart some energy back into this weekly blog prompt. So, we’re going to try something new, sort of a riff on Three Things on Thursday. This week we are asking you to share 3 things on your To Do List with all of us. Everybody likes to write lists, don’t they?!

Yes, I am a list writer – of all sorts – things to not forget, things to get done, wish lists, gift lists, want to read lists, and yes – even knitting lists. I like to make my lists with a “check box” because there is nothing quite as satisfying as checking something off a list, amirite? After all, isn’t that why you write a list?

So, three things from my current “To Do List” that I have not yet completed:

  1. Find a recipe for “large tomato preservation”
  2. Haircut (which will be crossed off today! YAY)
  3. Find an optometrist to get my eyes examined

There you have it – three very diverse things. And, some obviously easier to complete than others.

The haircut might be the easiest – after all, I just need to go and sit while someone else does all the work. It has been a good bit of time since my last haircut and thoughts I have of “growing my hair out” only ever get to the length it is now and I give up and that is okay with me.

I have been poking around the internet a bit looking for something I can do with my collection of large tomatoes. I am thinking that a simple diced tomato would be a nice thing to have – maybe some with onion and jalapeno and some with basil. Those are my thoughts which look great on paper it is just getting all the canning stuff out and getting it done that is the hard part!

Finally, the last thing on my list – the Eye Doctor… for the past few weeks I have noticed that my “drug store readers” have not really been enough to see to knit or stitch certain times of the day. So rather than just going out and getting a stronger reader, I think it is time to find an eye doctor. Definitely not my favorite listed item, but perhaps the most necessary!

If you want to see what everyone else has on their list, you will find them here! And, if you would like to join us for Think Write Thursdays, you can sign up here.

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