Vacations are a very good thing, but sometimes re-entry is hard. This is one of those sometimes.

Thing 1:

One of the best things about vacation was that I “pre-planned” blog posts. It was great because all I needed to do was plug-in a photo or two and add some details to the post, then we would tune out and head off for the day. One downfall is that I have lots of catch up to do – on comments and on all your blogs! I am working on that catch up!

Thing 2:

Catch up on other things is equally challenging. Grocery shopping, laundry, and yard work are all clamoring for attention. I am prioritizing grocery shopping so happy hour is not dismal tomorrow, then laundry is up next. As for the yard work? I will get to it when it stops raining! Ha!

Thing 3:

I really liked how well the blog pre-planning went and I especially liked some of the impromptu photos I got with my new iPhone! I also took a ton of photos on my Canon, but I have yet to download them to my PC yet…however, I have begun to rough out blog posts for the remaining days this month AND, yes, I am even thinking about how to switch things up for NaBloPoMo. (Because you know November is looming around the corner!!)

Those are my 3 things for today. What about you? What things are pressing in your world today!

Oh, and if you want to see more thing inspiration, you will find a plethora of that over at Carole’s!

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