There is much I am pondering this morning…

There are 21 days left of winter, and my stitching is getting nicely “full” and I spent some time this weekend thinking about how to best use these remaining days so that when winter is done, my stitching “feels done” and too.

That extra-ordinary enabler, Vicki, posted something on IG and it lodged itself in my brain. I spent much of yesterday looking through my stash to see what I might have that might work for Larissa’s upcoming MKAL. This gets bonus points as well because I am itching to knit something besides a sweater these days. I would really love to put something together that has a “lovely watercolor effect” so stay tuned!

Finally, I am anxious to get my copy of Making’s UNIFORM and to get myself prepped, I am going to get going on a dress for spring. This weather has me itching for something new! I am a bit nervous and will be making a muslin over the next few weeks, which will hopefully be successful! I am reading up on “how to” and then attempting to trace a pattern this week!

This is what will occupy my Monday… what about you? What is on your mind today?

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