Recently, Kym shared some excellent inspiration about checking in on your year. These were excellent reminders for me and have me thinking about some needed “course corrections” to move me back on track.

It is funny how easy it is to think you are on track but when you review where you are you realize that you have drifted off course a bit.

Thing One:

I have let activity slip and have become an expert excuse maker to myself to “make this okay.” And, while walking in gazillion degree heat might not be fun or making time to do Pilates can get lost in the shuffle, these are necessary for feeling good and more importantly – sleeping well – every day!

Thing Two:

The Art of Being Busy can be overwhelming. I moved a couple of things off my “things I have to do list” but I am certain that there is more that I can do so I took Kym’s suggestion and have signed up for the “Busy Boycott” and am really looking forward to the changes this will bring! This challenge starts on Monday – so there is still time to sign up!

Thing Three:

Finally, the change of seasons brings me to closet organization! (This looks really interesting, but I am not sure I am ready for that level of minimalism…yet!!) But, my plan is to begin Operation Closet Reorganization this weekend and focus on it for the next week or so. Yes, I am also being realistic in understanding that this will not be a quick project – which is a challenge in and of itself. I like to tackle things that will be easy to finish, and I tend to avoid things that are not. But, setting the expectation that this will take time will hopefully help the process!

There you have my things for this week! Want to see more interesting things? Head on over to Carole’s!

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