It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about? Henry David Thoreau

This week it is all about redefining busy.

Thing One:

Thanks to Kym, I am focusing on looking at the busyness in my life and I am well into week two of The Busy Boycott. I have been focusing on redefining and protecting my time. This week’s challenge is “do less” and in total honesty I am struggling with this one! Greatly!!

Thing Two:

In this effort to redefine busy in my life, I have been looking at this blog… Are Monday – Friday posts necessary? Do I have something significant to share? Steve had an interesting idea and I am thinking about how to make that work. Lots of things are rambling about my brain and change is coming, but what that change will be I am not exactly sure!

Thing Three:

The final thing I am looking at is Knit Night. While I enjoy getting out and the camaraderie of being with other knitters some weeks Tuesday’s just feel so rushed. So, I am pondering a bi-weekly schedule to see if that will alleviate some of the rushed and harried Tuesday’s.

This exercise in busy has truly been eye opening for me. Are you doing The Busy Boycott? If so, how are you feeling?

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