Eight short days and February will be over and the question remains…can I finish my Shawl of Many Colors in that amount of time? I am close – so close!! If I go by the Twenty-Five Days of Knitting, I have 4 colors to go, but then I added in 2 more colors (although one will only be used once) that means I have 6 colors to go and I started another repeat last night… yes, I think this is doable, even if I do one last repeat of the very first color I used – I am not certain about this, but I think it will make for a nicer finished scarf.

Also, can I just say how lovely it has been sitting and knitting with this in my lap? Despite today’s snowy weather, my thoughts are really turning to spring! However, reality tells me that there will likely be a good bit more winter weather and I will get to wear it quite a bit in March.

The reading this week was interesting.

First, I sadly did not finish The Widows of Malabar Hill before it was due back to the library. I am back on the wait list, but it is not too long – so hopefully soon I will be finishing it!

I finished Vox, which was such a disappointment. If you are looking for dystopian fiction, I suggest The Handmaid’s Tale or if you want a novel where the women are in control, The Power was a great read! Two stars, and really don’t waste your time!

I finished My Year of Rest and Relaxation and I have very, very mixed thoughts about this book. I gave it 3 stars, because for some strange reason I could not stop listening to it – I guess sort of like watching a train wreck. It is the story of one extremely messed up young woman who lives in NYC and how she lives the most medicated life ever – and for several months she medicates herself to “sleep” with an “end date” that she will suddenly just be normal and not need to medicate herself anymore. Yeah, I thought the ending was more than a bit lame. I am not certain I would classify drugging yourself into a stupor as “rest and relaxation” but there you have it. Somehow, miraculously, she does not kill herself, and I have no clue how she did not.

I said Monday that I was going to ration dear Armand Gamache, HA! You might have even asked yourself how I remotely thought that might be a possibility!! Yep, I am over half way through and thought I might be able to finish today, but Steve is home because of the snow – so my listening time will be drastically reduced, lol.

And, on my Kindle I am more than half way through Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy… oh, my goodness! LOVE!!

That is all I have for this week! If you wrote a post to share, please leave your link and thank you for joining us today!

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