While I am still working on Tegna – it has moved down the list. Instead I am reaching for a new sweater that I started on Monday afternoon. I have not gotten very far, and I am very curious to see how the start of this sweater will all come together! I know it eventually does – but exactly how is a bit mysterious to me! One thing about the yarn – Holst Coast – wow, what a dramatic change after giving it a bath! If I did not know better, I would not say it was the same yarn!

There was also some sewing with some sewing fixes this week! I made a muslin of this top and even though I measured and lengthened it a bit – it sadly was not enough. But Steve had the great idea of adding a similar ruffle to the bottom of the shirt to add some length, which I did on Monday and I love how it turned out! I need to do the tiniest bust adjustment for the next one but other than that this was a lovely and easy little pattern. If you have never attempted French seams – give this pattern a try. It has clear and easy-to-follow instructions for all seams! The only other adjustment I made was to alter the front and back facings – my fabric did not require the top be lined to the sleeves – so I just cut out a “normal” front and back facing instead. However, the full lining would be wonderful on a less structured and more drape-y fabric.

The reading this week included some amazing books! I ended the Month of March with 15 books. It was a very good month for reading!

I finished Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin and I really enjoyed Colum’s writing and was happy to see that Transatlantic was available! I added it to my listening queue, and it was so good I could not stop listening! It is a brilliantly intertwined story from Canada to Ireland to the USA and back to Ireland again telling the tales of a fascinating family over generations. This book got 5-stars and I highly recommend it!

I also listened to There Will Be No Miracles Here, which is Casey Gerald’s memoir. It is beautifully written, and his story is moving. It is amazing how little things can make such a big impact in your later life. He reads the book, which I always think adds more to any story. I gave this book 5-stars.

Every once in a while, I crack an actual book – and When All is Said did not disappoint and it begs you to consider a curious thought – who would you toast on the last night of your life? I read this book slowly – it is just 7 chapters long – but each chapter packs a huge punch. My inkling was to just devour the book in one sitting, but I made myself slow down and digest each chapter. I simply loved every word. I cried – lots. It is so beautifully moving. If I could encourage you to do one thing this week it would be to find this book and read it! 5-stars and I highly recommend!

That is all I have for this week, and as always:

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